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Easter weekend 2017

We doubled up on holidays this weekend celebrating our sweet Major’s birthday along with Easter, my favorite Holiday.  It was hectic and lovely and filled to the very brim with goodness and love. (I’ll post about Major’s birthday in another post)

On Saturday, we walked to the Art’s Festival which is my very favorite weekend in St. George.  Easter is wonderful everywhere, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the best spent in our little Southern Utah town.  I have gone EVER single year my whole life and I love bringing my own children now.  I also love living downtown this time of year (and every other time of year, too, actually).  There’s just a happy bustling down the streets, trees blossoming into Spring, flowers blooming all over the colorful houses.  I love it down here and think I maybe never want to leave.

After the arts festival, our church ward had their annual Easter Egg hunt at the park.  Of course it was a hit:

After that, MY cousins were in town and they stopped by the Miller Manor for dinner Saturday night.  I was having too much fun to snap any pics, but I super loved having my cousins and aunt and uncle over for dinner.  It made me feel like a kid and a grown-up all at once, which is a pretty neat feeling.


Easter Sunday, my honey spoke in another ward, so me and the little Millies (sans Stella who had woken up with strep!) headed to support our main guy.  Mr. Miller is a fantastic speaker in church, and with his new church calling in the high council, he is able to speak a whole lot!  I think it’s a perfect fit.

My Mr. Miller gave the neatest talk about that first Easter.  My favorite part of his talk is when he spoke about Mary and her broken mother heart, seeing her baby on the cross like that.  Jesus did the hardest thing anyone will do, but I think Mary had to do a big part of that too.  As I sat with my own precious baby son on my lap, my heart broke for Mary – someone I have grown to understand and deeply love since becoming a mother.  I love that my husband paid tribute to this sacred moment, and it’s been on my mind ever since.  The atonement and resurrection are so vast that most of the time I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it all, but when I can spend time pondering little aspects of it, I gain a testimony of the little pieces, and they weave together a testimony of hope, faith, truth, and love for my Savior and what He did for us.  

It’s amazing that the lives we enjoy today, the forgiveness we rely on, the happiness and hope we can feel is because of that sacred day when Jesus conquered death.  I have spent the last ten years of my Christianity learning to grasp this, and I’ve no where near mastered the enormity of this concept, but I’m learning, and I am awe-struck over the love our Heavenly Father has for us.

Easter is my very favorite holiday.  It’s one of simplicity and love and beauty, and I love it just as much now (more so, actually) as I did as a little girl.  Each Easter, as I line up my darling babies to photograph them in their Easter ensembles I am overcome with gratefulness.  Grateful that my life took such a wonderful turn back there somwhere, and that by turning my heart to Jesus Christ, I have created this beautiful life.  It never ceases to amaze me.  This year I had a bench full of MY own children, and nothing could make me happier.

Of course, Jesus isn’t the only man we were feeling extra grateful for this Easter.  Celebrating my only son’s first birthday on this special day felt a little like magic.  In his dapper little Easter outfit, my heart nearly burst right open.  I sure love my little prince!

As I mentioned, sweet Stella woke up in the night with a hot fever and felt miserable all day on Easter. (She was also sick for Valentines – what luck!) I brought her to the doctor Monday morning and she has strep!  Poor sister.  We had to skip on the cousin Easter-egg hunt at Nana and Papa’s house and my girls were SO bummed.  But you better believe Nana and Papa brought that Easter Egg hunt to them on Monday so they didn’t have to entirely miss out.  (Thank you Grandma for braving the sickness and letting us come to your house on Easter!  You saved the day!)

 It takes a village to raise a happy family, and I am so grateful for ours.  This Easter weekend was one of my very, very favorites.

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basket beds

There is a Miller Manor favorite that magically appears every single laundry day.

Basket Beds.

As I fold and empty laundry baskets that lay unoccupied on the floor of the living room, my little Millies find their way into them making up cozy little beds.  Each of the Millies have their own “mama boo’s” now.  (Mama boo’s are the cozy fleece blankets I love to snuggle under on the couch at any given time.  Except it’s hard for me now to find my “mama boos” since they are usually being snuggled with else-where by one of my little Millies… I finally got wise and got them their own “mama boo’s” to sleep with so mine could be freed up!)

Anyway, they place a couch pillow and a mama boo in the empty laundry basket and there they stay all cozy for hours.  The girls spent the whole afternoon cozied up in their basket beds yesterday and now as I sit writing this, Stella is cozied up in a basket bed right behind me.

It really is the simplest of things that brings joy and hours of entertainment.


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from my kitchen office nook

Sometimes when I am in a rut (emotionally), I like to think of a time when I was completely happy and try to align my life now in the same way to bring the happiness about again.  This might mean a trip (I always find clarity at the ocean!), or a place of spiritual peace (like the temple), or even as quirky as recreating some old outfits.

I have been thinking of the time when I was a young mama to two little babies – a year and a half old Harlo, and a newborn baby Stella.  At that point, it was the happiest I had ever been in my whole life.  I was so fulfilled, so creative.  I learned to cook in that time.  I would pull recipes from Rachel Ray up on my computer in the kitchen and follow each step closely until my food started resembling some of the pictures.  I would craft at my little kitchen desk to make my girls bows and headbands, and embellish plain onesies, upcycle old clothes and fabrics.  I would write as quickly as thoughts came to my head about the season of life I was in.  I didn’t want a single detail about my girls and my early journey with motherhood to go undocumented.  I would take pictures, then sit for hours studying photoshop, composition, exposure to try to push myself to learn a new art form.  I would plunk Harlo in her high chair with some organic fruit, and organic whole-grain crackers just beside me, turn on Stella’s baby monitor and chug away at my little blog.

Some of the best days of my whole entire life.

Lately I have found myself in a bit of a creative rut.  I asked Mr. Miller to move my computer from our shared office to a little nook in the kitchen, just like I had when my girls were babies.  Just like I had in the early days of this blog.

 Sometimes we don’t need a complete overhaul.  Sometimes we just need a little tweak in the things we’re doing to get the flow moving again.

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in my skin

Recently I had a sweet friend pay me a compliment.  She told me that she felt comfortable in her own skin around me, because I seemed to feel comfortable in my own skin.

There was a time that I wasn’t this way at all, there was a time I couldn’t stand my own skin.  I was riddled with insecurity, full of shame, and tried so hard to cover it all up with a pretty smile and perfect exterior.  That was a tough place to be.  But the thing that struck me the most, is even though I remember that time and feeling so well, I’m not sure when I grew past it.  But I did.  And it’s true: As I have learned to love myself better, I have learned to love other people better, too.

Sometime over the last ten years of adulthood, I have grown into myself.  I have settled into myself as a mother, and that has helped me settle into myself as a woman.  I appreciate myself.  I love myself.  I love the life I’ve made, and I’m so proud of myself for it, because even I had doubted me.  And I don’t say this in a boastful way, because I’m not boastful.  But I have been on this ride of life with myself and it hasn’t always been easy.  I have steered myself out of some tough times, and I have made the best of each decision I’ve made.  My life is very different now that it was those years ago, and I’m happy for me for that.

I have learned that it’s okay for my opinions to change from time to time, that it’s a sign of growth.  I know better now that I don’t want to be ignorant, or intolerant of something I can’t understand, because one day I just might understand it.  I can choose compassion over judgement when I can’t relate.  I can look at my own different hardships when I see someone else’s.  I can choose to love people over opinions.  

I’ve learned that it’s okay to be where I’m at spiritually.  Because it’s really not about the destination to get to a wonderful place with God, it’s about being in a relationship with God, and learning and growing along him each day.  Some days that looks good and peaceful, other days that looks resentful and weary, but each day brings with it learning, and a new day does dawn.

I have seen and felt the capabilities of my body.  I have seen it run, and dance, and serve, and carry, and mourn, and labor, and give, and grow, and shrink, and grow, and shrink, and soften, and age, and feel.  This body amazes me.  This body is healthy, and strong, and capable and I am so grateful.

I am glad I have been able to experience the woman in me being as loved as I have.  I have seen myself grow, and open up, and become as I have been safely and deeply loved by the man I love.  It has been astounding to me what that love has done for my life.  I don’t take it for granted.

I have learned that I am in charge of my own happiness.  I am in charge of pushing past hard times, making changes that are necessary, prioritizing myself and my own well being.  I have seen in difficult times that happiness is a choice, even when it seems just out of reach.  If you start walking toward happiness, you will find it.  I have prioritized happiness in my life, and that has proven to be a really great choice.

I don’t by any means have it all figured out, but I’ve lived a lot of life in my nearly 28 years, and I am grateful for the journey.  Because from where I’m standing now, I can love people in a much better way.  I can feel comfortable in my own skin, and love them just as they are, in their own skin.


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