Last weekend I was whining to Mr. Miller about how discontented I felt.  He nodded knowingly, and then reminded me of how I get like this every winter, and had good news for me: Spring was on it’s a way.

He was right, because this weekend was the most beautiful of the year so far.  The blossoms are blooming in our neighborhood, the warm sunny weather has returned, and so has my contentment.

We did our Saturday chores with the windows and doors wide open.  Poppy, our bunny, hopped happily about, and I must say, she adds to the “spring experience”. 

The kids ran around with their friends in the neighborhood, caught frogs in the evening, and I researched strollers for our baby who will be here in the last days of spring/first days of summer.   I cut the boys hair on the porch, and nothing says IT’S SPRING more than haircuts by mom on the porch, right?

Mr. Miller had (almost) no work over the weekend, so we spent every waking minute together.  We even had a date night, which ended in Mr. Miller buying me some new maternity dresses.  It was the best.

On Sunday, I took some extra hours in bed after brunch (we skipped church for the second week in a row from a cold that’s making its way through the Millers).  My dad came over to chat, and the best (best?) thing about my dad, is he will come up to my bed, plop down and chat with me for hours.  He doesn’t require an invitation or for me to be put together.  Today we chatted about our childhoods, “fade” techniques (he teaches me new tricks on how to cut my husband’s hair), politics (which is fine because we mostly always agree), and spiritual practices (which we do very differently).  Never a dull moment with my dad.

There’s rain in the forecast for this week, but this little serving of warm sunny days will hold me over for a bit… Now I’m looking for places to go for our baby moon. 😀 I still can’t believe we’re having another baby!