I still can’t quite believe I have four children.  I have four children.  It even feels surreal to write.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted lots of babies and now I feel like I have them.

I will say that I do recognize a bit more fullness to our lives.  I have quickly remembered to embrace the not-so-much sleep stage.  Realizing that you never ever do get “caught up” after a sleepless night.  And I have sat down some evenings and realized I have not had a single second of my day when someone was not talking to me or touching me, and I feel quite overstimulated.

My transition to four has been much more graceful than my transition to three.  I think I have learned to embrace this chaos – because it’s chaos that I love so much.  It is overwhelming at times, yes, but it’s also the sound and sight and feeling of blessings all around.  Healthy kids who go to school, hilarious toddlers that burst your heart on the daily, a fully-functioning home stuffed with all your favorite people.  It’s such a good life, even though and because it it stocked so fully.

As my fourth newborn stage is quickly passing by, I know that these seasons are short – so short.  I know that I will be in a completely different chapter all too soon.  I have the excitement of a first time mom over my new baby, and the wisdom of a fourth time mom where I can worry so much less, and trust myself so much more.  Being a fourth time mama is a pretty sweet gig.  My days are full – Yesterday I went to kindergarten graduation, did laundry, changed 8 diapers (on two different bums), laughed with my big girls until we cried (over snapchat filters), fed everyone supper, took all the kids to Target to cash in some allowance money.  Ended the day laying on the grass, watched countless tricks on the trampoline, tended to two stomach aches, kissed 4 heads to bed, and nursed in between every last drop.

This is my favorite kind of busy.