Have I mentioned that summer is my favorite?

I have needed it to be pretty dang easy to count my blessings these past months, and boy is it easy to do in Summer.

I love the slow days of Summer.

I love how bustling it is, with travel and trips here and there, and adventure always around the corner.

I love the easy-breezy vibe of summer that matches the easy-breezy vibe in my heart.

I love having all my kids home.  I do!  I love being able to call up the stairs, “Who has Major?” and hear, “I do mom! He’s fine!”

I love slowly heading down to the kitchen in the mornings, not having to wake my kids up (which is good, because bedtime sure flies out the window in summer – not my favorite), putting the oatmeal on, and having them walk one by one to the table.

I love walks with Finn, always with one or two (or three, or four..) little straggling feet beside me…. Even though I have to drop them off after a quick loop because they are slooooow.

I love working together with my girls tidying the house, so we can all go out and do this, or that later.

I love cooking together in the kitchen, they’re nearly taking over with all they can do.  — They’re both hoping to have a night a week they’re in charge of dinner, so we’re working on that this summer.

I love being able to work on things like that.

I love when Mr. Miller comes home, we eat and everyone files out to the porch.  We sit, sip, and rock.  The kids jump and show us all their tricks.  They catch lizards – seriously, like every night.  We have SO many lizards out here against the mountain (a nice change from the roaches downtown).

I love (finally) quiet nights on the porch rockers with Mr. Miller, after the little ones are tucked in bed.

I love drifting to sleep with the fans buzzing, a lazy dog at my feet, Mr. Miller, and usually one little warm body snuggled close that’s snuck into my bed already for the night.

Of course, I am feeding mouths, cooking meals, tackling laundry piles, and cleaning up around the clock while all the above mentioned is going on, because I’m the mom.  But I think it’s worth every bit of work.

What about you? Do you have a favorite season? Or a season you especially love to mother in?