It truly is looking more like a home every day.

This weekend we finished painting and  hanging the last of the shutters.  Those shutters have been our labor of love to this house.  Built by Mr. Miller, painted by me and the girls, and hung as a village.  We were a team and busted all 18 of them out!  It was a project, but we stuck with it, and look how good they look!! We may not be raising our children on my dream farm, but we sure have learned a thing or two about hard work remodeling our homes. 🙂

We built shutters for our last house, but both times we browsed and saved some good pinterest tutorials for our guide.  I’ll have to do a full post on the shutters, but after much deliberation on color, we went with grey for our shutters (sherwin williams Pavestone) and I am pretty dang happy about it.

When we hung our flag this weekend, I nearly fainted.  This sweet house has come a looong way.  I can hardly believe we live here.