Today I am thrilled to be teaming up with Downeast to celebrate motherhood.

Because Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and I will be speaking to a group of Young Women on that day, I have had motherhood on my mind.  It is no secret that being a mother is my greatest joy.  I hold motherhood in the highest regard.  I feel that it is a calling from God, and one that He takes very seriously.  I feel like I found myself, and my purpose when I became a mother.

We are living in a time when mothers aren’t appreciated or honored like they should be.  We live in a world that tells us that we as women can go out and do MORE than “settling for motherhood”.  We are told that we don’t need to get married and have a family, that we can have the riches of the world.  I am here to tell you; I don’t believe this.  Not for a second.  I believe that there is nothing MORE than motherhood.  I believe that the raising and rearing of children, in love and righteousness, is the greatest work this life has to offer.  I am honored to hold this title and it is enough.  It is everything.

We as women were born nurturers.  I have witnessed this as I have seen my one year old babies rock their dollies and kiss them and pat them and put them to bed.  I have watched my 6 year old understand her divine responsibilities to care for and love her younger sisters.  I have heard my girls playing countless hours of “house” where they gladly take on the responsibilities of babies and household.  We women feel a special kind of love in our hearts.  It is why we can long to be mothers – even when it’s not yet our time.  It’s why we can care for children, husbands, siblings, parents, neighbors and friends.  These are our natural and divine abilities.  We as women are born with more Godly characteristics.  We are soft, and tender, and emotional, and spiritual, and nurturing, and strong.  We have been given these traits for a reason. (I’ll take a minute from my girl-power trip to say that I think men are amazing in their own ways and with their own strengths – this is not to discredit that!)

I am grateful to be a mother – I am grateful to be a woman and be using my God given strengths for good in this world.  I don’t think that you have to be a mother to appreciate your value as a woman.  I know so many women who are not yet mothers who have blessed my children and the children of others with their unconditional love and service.  I think that we should stand together and celebrate one another – always.  We are all daughters of God, and we are all worth more than we could possibly know.

I will continue to celebrate my life as a mother on the pages of this blog, and I am so thankful to each of you for following along with me!

Happy Happy Mother’s Day!

(PS, I think you deserve a new dress for Mother’s Day too!)

 “There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood.”
-M. Russel Ballard

Mine, Harlo and Stella’s dresses c/o Downeast | Grae’s dress : h&m | Grae’s bow : The Tiny Co.