Today is an embrace the camera day.

Yesterday we had the luxury of getting a “real” picture taken by Mr. Miller who came home for lunch.  We were extremely proud of our pumpkins on the front porch (which is our favorite place to hang these days) so we decided to embrace it there this week.

Let’s play a game called what in the world to do with Cass Miller’s hair.  Ready?  Go!

On another note, it’s no surprise that I love embracing the camera.  I love the whole movement and I encourage EACH OF YOU to do it.  Last year I have maybe 5 pictures of myself with the girls out of oh, about 10,000.  This year, things are a changin’.

And while I love having pictures of myself with my little ladies, there are more reasons why I love embrace the camera days…

Because it’s a good reminder to get my camera out at least once a week.  And while I’m trying to capture myself with the girls, a perfect photo opportunity almost always arises…

Consider my heart officially  melted.

Am I the only one who can appreciate a good outtake?  I hope not.

Harlo’s perfect pout, and her equally perfect smile.  Love that babe!

Testing my new 50mm lens on H’s gorgeous lashes… I love her lashes and I love this lens.

One of the many wonderful things about our front porch, is there’s always an abundance of pecans to snack on.

This is Stella’s pecan-crunching technique:

Works like a charm!

Oh! And if you’re wondering where in the world Stella’s yellow headband/sweatband came from.. don’t worry.  She wont take it off.  And I’m embracin’ it, y’all!

Have a happy Thursday!

xo, C