Harlo – loving the island.  Stoked about homeschool, and is doing well finding facts about the island and keeping up with learning while we’re here.  She did say today she was missing home a bit, but we’re now in the last week of our trip, and so I think that’s pretty dang good.  She’s had a blast playing in the water and stepping out of her comfort zone all the time.

Stella – Would send for her things and live here forever.  The island fits so nicely on Stella.  I think she may love it the most.  She is always down for any adventure, whether it is hiking to a look off, diving in the waves of the ocean, or jetting around the neighborhood on the golf cart.  She is so go-with-the-flow, and full of love, which I’m learning is just about exactly the Aloha way.

Grae – Absolutely fearless.  She has loved the adventure the island life has.  She begs to swim way out in the ocean, past the swells, with the fish that are as big as she is.  Of course, I don’t go past my ankles in the water, so you can imagine my surprise.  She has hardly complained a single time.  I couldn’t have dreamed of how well she’d do, so I’m so glad we took the chance to travel so far with the little ones.

Major – The baby of the bunch felt the jet lag the most, it seems.  Poor guy had a rough few days transitioning to when sleep time was, and I think we both caught a little stomach bug on the plane. (bring your own sani-wipes for the flights!) He also mostly hates the water, and is terrified of fish.  So… It seems as though our boy takes a bit more after his mama.  Which is just fine with me, because we have been happily perched on the beach, eating all the snacks, and soaking in all the sun – thanksamuch.

Mr. Miller – The island life was a natural fit for Mr. Miller.  He’s up at 5 to get the ball rolling with work.. it’s not all vacation. 😉 But by afternoons, work at home on the mainland is finished and we can relax into our day. It took him no time to learn his way to navigate around the island.  He has found quick ocean buddies in Grae and Stella, while myself, Harlo, and Major enjoy hearing about all the fish they’re seeing. 😉

Me- I came on this trip with an intent to heal the rest of my broken heart.  I absolutely feel like the slow pace, the beauty, and the ocean air has been so good for my soul.  Each day I’m grateful to be here, after a year that called for so many hard things, it feels even better to rest into a sweet season.  I’m feeling grateful that we can have this time here together because we’re homeschooling and running our own businesses, and it feels like we’re living the lives we’ve worked toward living.

I see little signs of my sister Ang all around, in little ways.  In a lady bug landing at my side just as I’m in a moment of prayer.  They’ve always reminded me of her.  In the way my big loud cackle laugh sounds similar to her even bigger, louder cackle laugh.  I haven’t heard it much since she passed, but a few times on this trip I’ve laughed so hard I swear I hear her laughing with me.  I think she might be.

Feelings that once felt so new and deep and painful I couldn’t breathe, now feel like pieces of me I can visit with more love and perspective.  When I got to Hawaii, I felt like I could breathe again for the first time in a long time, and I’m forever grateful for the fresh air.