Y’all, I can hardly believe that my first post here was TEN YEARS AGO!!! Holy moses.  This blog has followed my life these past ten years, the best of my life.  As a newly married mama, trying to figure out running a home, to building my part-time hustle-to-career as a family  birth photographer & labor doula… birthing my own HOUSE FULL of babies along the way. Whatever the case, I have loved coming here to write all these years, and I’m grateful for the journey this blog has lead me on.

Now days, you can mostly just find me at home with my children, trying to find balance as a stay-at-home mom, as me and my husband juggle our own businesses.

Throughout the years, I have come here to spread a message of the happiness, and fulfillment motherhood brings.  That life is as beautiful as you make it.  That creating a life is happy, creative, beautiful, good, and fulfilling work, because it is God’s work.  I take genuine pleasure in these years I have at home with my young children, in the thick of mothering, being intentional about the childhood they are living, and the life we are creating here.

Y’all have heard me out through some trying times.  Dealing with tough things like recently losing my sister, and unrelenting grief, my miscarriage, dealing with an up-and-down battle with anxiety and depression.  Yet, you’ve cheered me through some of the happiest days of my life, like welcoming my children into the world, buying our first (and second) home, watching my life blossom into the happy motherhood I have always longed for.  You have watched us start businesses, and cling to happiness, and faith, and each other.  Some of you read along my blog AND do regular business with me, or with my husband.  Oh my word, HEY GIRL!  You, my tribe, have become a part of my heart.  You have been along for the ride as we build our dreams, and ride the journey of life.  The support of which, means more than anyone will ever know.

The happy perspective I enjoy sharing here, and grateful outlook I have gained, wasn’t easily won, of course.  I have walked through years of darkness in my younger days, I have seen some pits of life in divorce, death, addiction0  , abuse, and heart break, before I found light in God.  I was broken, and have become more whole because of Jesus.  I have built this life I have with the guiding light of divine help.  I hope that above all, my story is a reflection of that.

Many of you are just like me, putting your aprons on each day, doing the best you can with what you have.  Loving God, your family, and creating your own beautiful life.  Whether that’s the case, or your life couldn’t look further from my own, I’m glad you’re here.  Everyone has a seat at this table.