Oh my word, by the time you are reading this, my baby will be two whole years old.
Everyday Major has been in my life, he truly has been my little “sun-shine”.
Major has loved his mama so well, and is now loving me through some of my harder days.
He, without a doubt, has picked up on the need to give me some extra love these past few weeks.
Major is such a smart boy.  I had anticipated a boy learning differently than my girls have, and in some ways that’s been true, but he really keeps up with them!
He knows his ABC’s, twinkle-twinkle, you are my sunshine, popcorn popping.
He is a good little singer, he loves to sing, and he honestly started talking that way.
As we would sing together, and he’d sing along, he just started being able to talk the more he’d sing.
He talks like such a growly old man, which is the best thing ever.  You can hardly understand, but there are words there. 😀
Major has definitely become attached to one blanket, lovingly referred to as “boos” around the Miller Manor.  Even though he only has one, he calls it his “boosssss” always with a drawn-out, lispy “s”. That’s 4/4 blanky babes!
He definitely loves his ba-ba or “jink” as he calls it.  I know it’s time to switch to sippies, but this kid just may be my last babe so I am going to saaaaaavor him and ignore any sideways glances I get over it. 😛 He drinks out of sippies or regular cups, but prefers a bottle for bed and in the morning.

Maj is such a precious, sweet, tender, loving boy.  He lives with four ladies who ADORE him.  Genuinely just die for him on the daily.
We are always talking about how we cannot get enough of this baby man of ours, so Heaven guide him to be humble, because he surely will not be getting that at home.
But you can’t blame us, he is so happy to see any single one of us, no matter if it’s just been five minutes we’ve been out of the room.
He hands us out kisses on demand, never leaving one of us out.
He has us all knowing we are his favorite… and honestly I don’t know who it is.. He likes us all so much.
And just when we think he’s just a ladies man, he’s out pallin’ around with Mr. Miller which just makes our hearts burst all the more.  We can’t.  I can’t..
Major is an instinctive little man cub, in that he is basically a wild animal… he loves every single thing our dog Finn loves.  They browse around outside, dig up things they’re not supposed to, mosey around with each other, pick up scraps to eat off the floor of the kitchen.  They eat around the same time, poop around the same time.  They beg for long walks around the neighborhood, and always want to climb into my lap.  We call them the twins (they are just a couple weeks apart!) because they act just alike.
A boy and his dog really is just a thing.
Major is one of my pickier eaters, but he does love yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, loves the staples like “mac-and-pony”, quesadillas from cafe rio, and peanut butter sandwiches.  His faaaavorite treat is a spoonful of peanut butter and often brings me a spoon begging for some. 🙂
Sometimes I wonder if he gets enough to eat, because I swear he hardly touches the food I put in front of him, but each week it seems he’s grown another couple inches and another few pounds.
Keeping him in shoes and clothes is a part time job in and of itself.
He is wearing a size 6 diaper, size 8 shoe, 3T clothes.
He definitely weighs more than Grae, which is perfect for her because she makes him push her around in strollers, bikes, etc. and he’s just happy to be her muscle!
Major is sweet, and happy, and easy-going.
He is fun, and silly, and just enough wild.
He is snugly, and tender, and makes our heart burst when he flashes us those big brown eyes, and that million dollar grin.
We needed this baby boy like the earth needs the sun, and I am so glad he’s ours forever and ever.
I am a lucky mama to call you mine, Major my boy.
Don’t you ever forget how loved you are.
Happy birthday my baby, I am so happy to be the one to watch you grow up.