On December 18th, my sweet little 6 lb 14 oz baby girl, born on a snowy day after 26 long hours of labor, delivered sunny-side up with her eyes wide, taking the world in (and a big goose egg on her forehead, might I add), who was laid carefully on my chest to change the course of my life forever and ever, turned 7 years old.  Seven years old.  

For her birthday, we just had a fun-filled day (or two, or three – in true Miller Style).  Harlo wanted pancakes for her birthday in the shape of a 7.  Not too hard! We had our traditional birthday breakfast of pancakes with sprinkles, scrambled eggs and bacon – all the birthday girl’s requests.  She also opened up her new birthday outfit before we shuttled them off to school.  Her birthday fell on the last day before school break, and on an assembly day which was super fun.  She had also been picked as the classroom leader that month that gets to participate in the pep rally.  She was over the moon about all of that.  

I picked her up early from school to take her wherever she wanted to go for lunch, to which she chose McDonalds.  We let her open up her Zoomer Kitty which is the only thing she had asked for and she was so thrilled, she didn’t want to do anything the rest of the afternoon but play with it!  Grandma picked her up for a Target date and they arrived home just in time for dinner at her very favorite place – Durangos.  Durangos has been Harlo’s favorite restaurant since I can remember. I think we’ve eaten there every single birthday of hers.  She loves it!  We ate with some of her favorite people and ended the night with some DQ ice cream cake, per the birthday girl’s requests.  Easy birthday girl, I tell you what.  

On Saturday, we took a date with a friend to the movies and saw The Good Dinosaur.  We all loved it!  The timid dinosaur Arlo reminded me so much of my timid little Harlo.  And we all had a good giggle when I said that Spot (the little caveman) reminded me of Grae.  The movie was so sweet that my precious little Stella was moved to tears a few times during the movie.  So so darling.

We sure had a fun time celebrating our special girl! I can’t believe I’ve been a mama for seven years.  My only only complaint is that it’s just going by way too fast.  I’m already over half way to the teen years! How did that happen??  I swear last year she was turning two:


For her birthday, I interviewed Harlo for the blog.  Her words are exactly as she spoke them, in bold. 🙂

What is your name? Harlo Elle Miller

How old are you? Seven!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Everything!

Give me a few examples… A doctor, work at a restuarant, be an actor.

What about a mom? Um yeah, a mom.

What is your favorite food? Refried beans

Who do you love to spend time with? Hudson

Who else? You and dad and Grae and Stella and Edie. (our cat that ran away)

What are you really good at? Doing tumbling and gymnastics, even though I don’t do gymnastics.

What makes you laugh? Stella!

What is your favorite time of the day? Breakfast.

What are you afraid of? Rattle snakes and poisonous spiders.  And snakes, too.  And clowns.  And bad guys scare me kind of, too.

Who is your best friend? Stella, Grae, and my friend Madison and my other friends from school. I’m friends with everybody who I know.

What do you like to do with your family? Go on dates with you and dad.

That was fun huh? What was your favorite part of our date? Getting ice cream!

What do you love to learn about? Learning new games like minecraft, I really like Minecraft.

Where do you like to go? Swimming with my family.

What is your favorite book? Little House in the Big Woods, and In The Land of the Big Red Apple.

Who is your favorite babysitter? (she asked me to ask this) Ellie!

What is your favorite thing to do? Play with my cousins.

I love you so much Harlo, do you know that? Yeah.

Do you know that you’re the best thing that happened to my life?  Yes.

Thanks for doing this interview for my blog! You’re welcome. Can I do another one tomorrow about my future? 

We’ll see.