Today’s list includes:

Trying to jot a few words down from my scattered little brain into a blog post.

Fold at least two out of four laundry baskets of clean clothes…

Hopefully making progress on our backyard via concrete guys. (Don’t hold your breath.)
This is out my office window.. soon my office window will be an office door that walks out onto the patio that should be poured here today.

Then we will head to swim lessons which is a summer favorite as of late (which is odd because do you remember swim lessons last year? Not so fun.) This year the girls are doing great and loving it.  So fun to see!

And seriously, Stella’s face in goggles.

After that we will head back for naps/quiet time/more laundry folding/Stella snuggling.

Then I will get ready for my hot date with Mr. Miller and wear some cute new sandals that I bought yesterday, but I will say “these old things?!” when Mr. Miller asks about them.  See how this works?

It’s a charmed life, folks!

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