Last week we finished up our yearly swimming lessons for the girls.

Last year, Stella did okay and Harlo HATED swim lessons up until the last few days.  She is very cautious and hated going underwater and the feeling of losing control.  It was pretty miserable for the poor girl, but she pulled through right at the very end.
This year, they were both excited to start swimming lessons and did SO well.  I have two full-blown swimmers on my hands.  Harlo even jumped off the diving board, which is huge for her!
Stella still struggles a little bit when she runs out of breath, she’ll put her head out of the water and then panic just a bit and I have to remind her to “put your face in and swim!” and she pulls through.
Harlo is swimming the full length of the pool with no problem.
I am so proud of these little swimmers!
Little known fact about me : I can’t swim.  So it is extra important for my girls to learn! During their lessons, Brady took me out for a lesson of my own and I was surprised by how hard it was, it gave me an extra appreciation for all the girl’s hard work!  I hope I can learn to swim as well as they can soon! Ha.

This year we also did it at our neighbor’s pool with the girl’s best neighbor friends.  It was such a fun time.  A new tradition for sure!

 If that’s not the cutest little swim team, I don’t know what is!