This weekend we spent like most all weekends we have in town – doing house projects around the miller manor.

This week, my dreaded chore was cleaning up the office and organizing it.  Our office has been a place of “catch all” since we moved in.  As we work on projects around the house, the loose ends somehow make their way into the office.  I think I have about 20 picture frames stacked up waiting to find walls to call home, countless amounts of papers to be filed, and other odds and ends that I haven’t decided if we need to sell, donate or keep.  This wouldn’t be a big deal, except we have to walk past the office to go almost anywhere in the house and every dreaded time I am thinking to myself that I really need to get things cleaned up.  Brady spent his evenings last week building new shelves and accessories from Ikea for this project, so it’s time for me to do my part.  I hope by the end, my office will be an inspiring, creative space for me to do work and for the girls to do their arts and crafts and be creative.  Pray for me! (pictures to hopefully come soon!)

Mr. Miller has been busy busy building me a planter box to go in our front yard.  We recently ripped out some old (retro looking) shrubs and a giant cypress that was probably going to knock our house over.  We are going to use that space for a nice planter area.  I think it will really improve our curb appeal which is always fun.  Of course the storm rolled in and it was cold and rainy Saturday.. but did that stop Mr. Miller?  No it did not.  I’ll tell you one thing – I think that guy is S-E-X-Y. (I can say that because we are married.) He hauled all 126 bricks from his truck to the planter area and stacked them, dug the trenches, accidentally broke (but fixed!) a water pipe all the while being rained on.  He just came in for a nice hot shower after a long day’s work.  I’m going to cook him a nice hot meal and probably rub his back later.  He’s into that sort of thing. 😉

It has gotten me thinking of the years I wished for my very own home.  Not something big, or fancy or anything like that, but just a place to call our own.  It is such a wonderful feeling, it really is.  Some prayers I see answered quickly and some are answered slowly over time, and I have learned to really trust in the Lord’s time – it is the perfect timing.  It took us 7 long years to work toward owning our own home and now we’re here and life is so good.  Anytime I get ornery about all the things that need to be done around here, I remember that.  I love having a place of our own, a place my family feels safe and secure.  Our own little heaven – and it really is.

If you are working toward bigger goals today, keep working, keep praying! I can tell you that in time, our prayers are answered and our souls are satisfied.  Our God is a wonderful God.

“We are responsible for the home we build. We must build wisely, for eternity is not a short voyage. There will be calm and wind, sunlight and shadows, joy and sorrow. But if we really try, our home can be a bit of heaven here on earth. The thoughts we think, the deeds we do, the lives we live influence not only the success of our earthly journey; they mark the way to our eternal goals.”
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happy saturday!