OKAY.  My head has been so overwhelmed the last couple of weeks I haven’t been able to put any of my thoughts to words.  I didn’t want to jinx anything until we were more sure, but…


Our very first, very own home.  This journey has been a loooong one.  It has been the top of our list for 6 years now, but the course our life took was a different one than we had originally planned when we got engaged all those years ago.  Due to babies and more babies, owning our own businesses, the economy, etc. we thought this day would never ever come.  BUT IT’S HERE (almost).  We are due to close next Friday and the thought of that is just so surreal I can’t even begin to imagine what it really all means.

So yes, not the most ideal timing since that is about a week before my due date.  I am nervous and overwhelmed and want to cry trying to wrap my head around these two huge milestones happening in my life at the very same time, but then I think back to last March.  How much of a difference a year can make!  Our life has been so meticulously thought and planned out by our Creator and I am just so grateful.

Of course I will be sharing lots more details as we finalize things, but in the meantime please continue to be patient with me and my lazy posting and if you could spare a few prayers for us, we would sure appreciate it.

Love to you all! xoxo