Yesterday morning, I woke up to a squishy little nose pressed right up to mine.  I cracked one eye open to see 2 big brown eyes staring right at me.  “It’s you bwuthday.” She whispered.

Soon the whole family was in my bed singing “happy birthday to mommy!” and I tiredly tried to hold happy tears back.

This is exactly how I wanted my 25th birthday to start.

Brady went to the kitchen to get breakfast ready and the girls came in to hand-deliver cards they were making for me at the table.  Harlo brought me all my birthday presents drawn on paper, along with a list of all the things she thought I should get for my birthday and who should give each item to me.  The list read “HiHeels, Neklace, marker, and Dres”.  Then a picture of me with a new bracelet, a picture of me with a new necklace wrapped in a box, and some new red “hi heels” in a box with a bow.  I am absolutely positive I’ve never enjoyed a gift more than I have enjoyed that one.

We had a mellow day with a quiet lunch with just the 4 of us where Brady gave me my new most treasured necklace with the H and S charms on it.  He took the girls to pick something out for me (per Harlo’s request) and they came back with these red pointed toe flats wrapped up in a princess bag. “It was all their idea.” Brady told me.  He said Harlo wasn’t budging on the red shoes.  I loved them! (And she insisted I wear them to dinner.)

As we layed with the girls that night, Harlo asked me “Mom, what was your favorite part about your birthday?” (A question I often ask her about the day) so we all took turns saying what our favorite part was.  Harlo’s was the chocolate cake made by Grammy, Stella’s was singing “Hap Bwuthday” to me and blowing out my candles.  Brady’s was taking the girls to pick something out for me, and mine was each and every one of them.

Oh how I love this family of mine.  Each making such an effort to make my day special.  Especially my sweet Harlo girl.

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes over here or on facebook or instagram.  And thank you for following me on this little journey we call life.