I officially feel like my 2nd trimester is just flyyyying by.
Only two more weeks until I’m in the third and final trimester!
In my perfect world, the first trimester would be 5 weeks, and the third would be 5 weeks and the second would be the 30 in between.  It’s such an enjoyable stage of pregnancy and I’ll be sad to see it go.
I remember feeling like time sped up by about a thousand when I had my first baby.  Then I had my second baby and it seemed to speed up by a thousand more.  I’ve heard people say that it keeps getting faster with each child and I so believe it.
Of course, I can’t wait for this little lady to get here, but on the other hand I am just trying to savor every minute I have with her inside.
She has seemed to move up a smidge higher this last week.  She’s constantly kicking at my ribs and sternum it feels like.  I’ve never carried this high before, so it should be interesting.
She seems to never stop moving the last few days.  She wakes me up in the night moving and moves all throughout the day.
Harlo seems too busy to stop and feel, but Stella is always glued to me if I say the baby is moving.
I have grown accustom to my pregnancy pillow.  I am sleeping well these days and I credit the snoogle.
The only hard part about it is when I have my night time visitor come in and I’m completely intertwined with my pillow.  Stella doesn’t seem to mind and will wedge herself right in between me and the pillow and drift off to dreamland.
I am reading Ina May’s Guide to  Childbirth right now and it is officially my favorite birth book.  So much good information for any pregnant woman and such a feel good, empowering book.
I’m not as picky about food in this stage, but chicken enchiladas or cheeseburgers almost always sound good to me. 😉
I have been seriously trying to drink more water.   I am so good at drinking the last half of the day into the night, but drinking water in the morning is what I really struggle with!
I’m getting more achy in my back and hips and move a bit slower.  By the end of the day, I’m most certainly waddling.
Other than that, I’m feeling wonderful!
I have had a lot of questions lately regarding my birth plan or my tips on birth plans.  I am going to be talking about birth plans next week, so if you’ve been waiting for that, definitely tune in.  I am also eager to hear more questions you might have for me regarding birth plans or what specifically you’re interested in hearing from me, so if there’s something about that you want me to elaborate on, now is the time to ask! 🙂