So.  From here on out (until this baby gets here in 22ish weeks) I will be combining fashion friday and the weekly bump posts into one.  Posting two photos of myself a week is just a little much for my sweat-pants loving self right now.  This way I can keep track of what I’m wearing AND my pregnancy in one easy click.  You see?  Easy right?

Anyway, before this pregnancy I had planned on documenting my maternity wear.. more for my sake than anything.  I wanted this to be a fun challenge to my wardrobe.  I was like, “I’m going to wear heels this pregnancy, I’m going to be so fabulous, I’m going to step out of my pregnant comfort zone and be awesome…” and then I actually got pregnant and I was like, “Can I get one order of the Stretchy McStretchersons and a XXXXL top, please?”  I planned on getting dressed at least everyday and doing my hair and make-up too, because… who doesn’t want to be fabulous during pregnancy?  And then I got pregnant and was like “Top knot and BB cream only? Yes please!”

So I am trying now to bridge the gap with my pre-pregnant self and my current pregnant self.  Because I really do feel good (better) when I look good (better).  I went to Old Navy and took advantage of their 20, 30, 40% off sale and got myself some Stretchy McStretcherson outfits, but at least they were not sweats.  (This sweater I’m wearing here I’m obsessed with because I swear it’s pajamas and it’s totally fabulous. #winning) My last pregnancies I got along with wearing little to no actual maternity things because the shirts were SO long 4 and 5 years ago.  Now, the shirts are more cropped which I didn’t realize until I started getting a belly to cover.  When Stella started reminding me all day she could see my belly (her exact eye level is that bottom chunk that doesn’t get covered), I knew I had to reevaluate the situation.  Plus, chilly weather is starting to come, so I needed some fall staples anyway.

I bought all pieces I can layer together in different ways.  My basic belly covering layer, I got in maternity.  Shirts like this and this which are seriously so comfortable, stay down over the belly all day and they’re cute.  I plan on buying a handful more of some solids as well.  I also bought a few solid tanks in large in the non-maternity and those are long and will work well under sweaters.  Everything that didn’t have to do the job of covering the belly got purchased in the regular section, just a size up.  These cardigans are killing it.  I would like one of each.  I also got a few chambray style shirts that I can wear as a shirt or a jacket.  I got about a week’s worth of items that I can layer together differently to create more like a few weeks worth of items.  My jeans I’m still fitting into with the buttons undone. Ha. (all the more need for the long shirts) But I think before too long I’ll have to invest in a pair or two of maternity’s.. which I cringe at the thought of only because jeans are so hard to find.. maternity jeans are next to impossible.  Let’s just say, lots and lots of leggings are in my near future.

Okay – so that is how I’m surviving the second trimester clothing-wise.. let’s move on to the more important things.

The week before last I was not sick a single day.  I was stoked!  Then the week after I had 3 migraines and this week I’ve had 1 with a few pukey days in between.
Energy level?  MUCH BETTER.  I can honestly deal with the sickness as long as I have some energy to battle it with.
This week I’ve done some chores, crafted with the girls all week and PLAYED with them which has been so nice.  Just little things like not wanting to cry when someone asks me to do things show me how much improvement I’ve made on the energy scale. 🙂
I was so ready to start feeling a little more like me.
I mentioned before that the name discussions have been at an all-time high.
Stella wants “Teedee Toddah” and Harlo wants “Chatey Perry”.  Both will compromise on “Pink.” ha!
They have been coming around to the more “real” names though and I think we’re about there.
Brady’s had a hard time committing (like every time) so I better not jinx it.  Harlo has recently joined my team though, so I know it will just be a hop and a skip until he does too.
For now, she remains as our littlest Millie.
She is getting stronger and stronger by the day right now.
Brady has felt her, Stella I think has felt her, but it’s hard and sporatic to get a good spot that she’s moving.
At night and during the night I feel her kicking around like crazy.  The girls always want to feel so I’m anxious for when she’s bigger and they feel it easier.
It’s such a fun perk of pregnancy though.  You forget what it feels like every time, and with that first kick, you remember.
I am definitely starting to look much more pregnant.  There’s no question anymore if there’s a babe in tow.
Food is a big importance this pregnancy.  Probably like every pregnancy, but I feel more pregnant craving-ish than I have before.
I’m over my onion bagels with fresh sliced tomatoes.  Now I’m apparently onto egg salad toast for breakfast.
The thought of something sweet like cereal or yogurt in the morning make me want to puke.  Donuts however, I can swing.
Other than that, I almost always want a sandwich or salad of some sort.
I also don’t really like Kneaders at all.. I think it’s totally overrated and not great food, but alas I have been craving salads from there.  Weird.
I’ve also started drinking pepsi a bit which is sometimes so delicious.  (It had me gagging the first 3 months) Still  not a daily thing, just a treat with a meal sometimes.
The girls are so excited about their new baby sister.
Each night, she’s included in their prayers, no matter who is saying it.
Last night Stella asked God to “please give my baby sister a bottle if she’s crying”, and I realized she just pictures our baby being babysat by God and Jesus.  Haha! I love her.
They notice babies everywhere they go and tell me to look at them.
When they come to cuddle me they fight over who gets to snuggle by the baby.
Stella is especially affectionate and loves the belly.
I’m feeling very content right now.  Content in my pregnancy and being smack in the middle.  Content with the idea of having 3 littles running around soon.  Content with how I look and feel.
Everything seems to be in a good place right now and I’m so grateful.
This is the part of pregnancy I love.