This week I have been in a Halloween extravaganza whirlwind that will not be ending until Friday, I’m sure.  Monday we got the costumes all together, Tuesday we hosted Halloween play date at our house, today I volunteered at Harlo’s Halloween party at school and tomorrow we have cousins piling in for the actual day.

We had such a fun trip though and I had to post some highlights before I forget to!  Here is our Oceanside trip in a nutshell…

Obviously, the first thing on our agenda is the beach.  The girls live for the beach!  And I live for these FABULOUS sandwiches from Red&White market.  It is a heavenly sandwich, I tell you what.  Squaw bread, turkey, smoked cheddar, with all the perfect fixin’s… it’s what my pregnant cravings are made of.  I snuck in TWO during the trip. 

Our second favorite thing to do in Oceanside is Sunset Market on Thursday nights.  There are some real gems to be had at Sunset Market.  My list includes a Gyro, black and white cookie and a caricature. (Is there a theme with the food here?)

Let me just take this minute to gush over the caricature.  I’ve wanted to get the girls done forever, but every time we find someone doing them, the line is too long or too expensive, or blah, blah… When we saw this guy at the market, I knew this was the time.  It didn’t take too much to talk the girls into it and the artist promised us they wouldn’t have to sit still for too long.  He started drawing and I immediately melted into a puddle.  Two times during the 15 minute sitting I got teary over it.  He captured my girls soooo perfectly!  He got boo in there and I damn near died! I couldn’t stop looking at it for the rest of the trip and still get heart palpitations every time I see it.

**If you’re in the caricature market (which I think you should be) Cam Canales is the artist and he can create you a caricature from sending in your picture.  You can email him at noble1918 (at) hotmail (dot) com.  I immediately framed this and it’s going straight up on the girls’ bedroom wall.

On day 3 of our trip, Auntie offered to watch the girls while me and the mister ventured off to Ikea.  Ikea without children, to me, could very well be called Paradise.  I love my kids deeply, but my passion for motherhood sometimes distracts me from my passion for other things (like Ikea shopping), so to be completely uninterrupted throughout the entire Ikea store was pretty much the best gift I could have been given. (Thanks again, sister!)

Double bonus was that I got alone time with Brade to chat and laugh freely without potty breaks or refereeing two young girls.  He even treated me to lunch at Pei Wei after I spent all of his money. 😉  That Mr. Miller, I tell you what.

Does anyone remember the days of ikea before camera phones?  You had to write down your item number on that little paper with the tiny pencils they provided?  Yes, I’ve been an Ikea shopper for most of my life.  I’ve now perfected my system – shot of the item, shot of the tag and you’re golden when it comes to the bottom floor.  You no longer have to speak half-Swedish.

I would have almost felt guilty about all the fun I was having if Auntie didn’t update me with the girls’ shenanigans.  Picnic with Auntie at a beach-side park?  Um… yes.  Yes, please! (second only to trampoline hair, is static-y slide hair) 😀

We headed home Saturday afternoon after a quick shopping trip with me and Ali where I purchased my first pair of maternity jeans (review to come later).  We stopped by Red&White market again for a sandwich and hit the open road!  I must say I love our van more and more as the days go by.  The DVD player has been a game changer for our little Stella who is not our happiest traveler.  (And just in time for another baby, Stella.  Awesome.)  The highlight of my entire trip was listening to my girls sing along to the Katy Perry movie with headphones on so that I could only hear them and not the movie.  It provided the best kind entertainment for me and B. ha!  These little (california) girls of mine.. they’re what (teenage) dreams are made of. (see what I did there?  I’ve obviously seen the katy perry movie one too many times!)

Another wonderful California trip!  Can’t wait for next time!