Here in front of you are two of my most favorite people in the entire world.  I feel like it’s almost unfair to the rest of the world that I get these babies all to myself, all day, everyday. (and I hope you feel that way about your children, too)

Harlo is my angel.
I mean my true angel sent straight from The Lord.  He knew I needed help in this life and he sent the best girl for the job.
Harlo keeps more to herself and delights in the simple things in life, like a cute outfit or a yummy treat or a clean house.
She is an old soul, full of wisdom beyond her years.
Her love language is definitely quality time, with a secondary act of kindness,  would guess.
She will sit with me and fold an entire basket of laundry and never ever get bored of it.
She loves having tasks to do and loves being helpful.  If you tell her she’s a great helper, you’ll see her little face light up right before your very eyes.
She is shy and not as outgoing around people, but she thinks and talks of her friends and family often.  Always noticing things they would like and telling me about them.
She always uses her manners and appreciates others using their manners with her. (even me)
She doesn’t always show her excitement, but I always know when she’s happy about something.
Yesterday I overheard her telling Stella in the other room, “Stel, our baby is going to be here after mom’s birthday.  It will be the best birthday present ever!” (the girls always ask when our baby will be here and I always tell them after my birthday.)
She loves serving others and this is such a gift, not only for her in this life, but for me to be able to witness it.  I love this so much about her and it’s a constant daily reminder to me to be of service to others as well.  Something I do not come normally equipped with.
Harlo loves to learn and enjoys school very much.  As soon as I pick her up for the day, she tells me what letter she learned, then what Miss Rin was wearing today.  Everyday.
She loves watching me write (by hand) and always asks me, “mom, will you teach me to write like that, too?” I’ll find little notes around the house with lines and lines of little squiggles that must look like cursive to her.
I love her precious, precious little soul.  She is such a giver and such a lover.  She is so tender and loving and will be the most wonderful mother someday.
She has been the best friend I’ve ever had.  Always honest and pushing me to do better and be better.  Always has an ear to listen.
I have loved every moment of being her mother.  Every. Single. Moment.

Stella is my little soul mate.
She is so much like me and I love experiencing our similarities mirrored.
My family tells me all the time how she is my twin.  Not only in looks, but in behavior and sense of humor and personality.
Stella’s love language is absolutely physical touch or affection with a secondary of words of affirmation.
She will snuggle with me for a good half hour before even asking for breakfast in the morning.  She loves to cuddle just as much as I do.
All throughout the day, I’ll feel little arms wrapped around my legs, patting my belly, or asking for a “hold you?”.
She plays well with friends, but would usually prefer to be on my lap or at my side.
Stella is outgoing and friendly.  Always the life of the party.
She is pretty much good to do anything as long as it’s with me or Harlo.
She enjoys company much more than she enjoys her alone time.  My little social butterfly.
She is a sweet soul with a table spoon of sass.  And maybe even 1/4 cup.
She is not afraid to voice her opinion, but can snap out of a bad mood faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.
She has such a forgiving heart and I love that about her.
She tells me she loves me more times in a day than I could count.
I never have to guess with Stella, I always know exactly how she’s feeling about me.
I love being able to connect with her so easily and effortlessly.
She is absolutely who she is, 100% of the time.
Last night I overheard the girls fighting and called out “Stella… you better not be hurting people!” and she called right back to me “Yep! I am!”
Stella has been the icing on the cake of my life.  She loves as hugely and fiercely as anyone I’ve ever met and how blessed I am to be at the receiving end of that love.
I know she will come out on top of everything she does in this life.  I love her sureness of life and herself and I hope she stays this way forever.

Having these two girls is like being paid back for every good thing I’ve ever done in this life, and will ever do for the rest of it.  We don’t have it all together, that we know for sure, but together we absolutely have it all.  My gratefulness for motherhood runs so deep into my soul it aches.  When all the world is full of hurt and pain and things that don’t matter, I have this.  Always.  I will be their mother for the rest of eternity and that gesture is so grand I can’t even digest it all.   I have never been more fulfilled in my life as I am in this very moment.  Two healthy, beautiful spirits to look after each day and another wiggling away in my belly as I type.  With a partner in life who loves them just as much as I do, if that is even humanly possible to do.

In this life, it’s easy for me to forget how incredibly blessed we are.  But each night as I look the the very most basic and simplest parts of my life, I truly am the richest woman in the world.

And that is how I feel about being their mother.