For any of you that don’t follow me on instagram or facebook, IT’S A GIRL! 

I honestly can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be adding another little sister to my crew.  I think everyone assumed we had our fingers and toes crossed for a boy since we have two girls, and while we would have loved every bit of a boy, nothing makes me more happy than knowing our house of girls is getting even fuller.  Sisterhood is the greatest thing in the world and I’m so excited that my girls will have sisters to go through this life with.  I can’t wait to see how the dynamic in our home will be now with a baby sis in tow.

My girls are over the moon! (can you tell?) I think Baby Millie is just as excited to be joining our family.  She was moving around like crazy for daddy to feel last night.  She’s getting so big and strong, and I’m sure, so cute!

This is such a happy time for our little family and I’m so grateful for all the well wishes that have been sent.

A THIRD little Miller girl… What on earth could be better?

(I’ve had questions this week if “Millie” will be our baby’s name… For us, our kids are our “little Millies” – short for Millers, hence “Baby Millie”.  And while Millie is a darling name, I’m 100% sure, there is no Millie Miller in our near future. 😉 )