Today was unusual to say the least.

I woke up to a clean house which is always an unexpected and happy way to start the day.  I have been on an organizing kick which really just means my house looks like I shook it upside-down.  Thank heavens for Brady who likes things tidy.  I purge what we don’t need and organize what we do, then he cleans up the clutter, then I feel obligated to clean up the clutter too so pretty soon we have a clean house.  For 15 minutes.  It’s both magical and unrealistic all at the same time.

I also ate a delicious lunch with my crew.  It’s not uncommon for me and the mister to meet up for lunch, but it is uncommon for me to talk him into going to someplace new.  It is even more unusual for that place to turn out to be delicious and what a surprise, it was! (Coyote taco shop on bluff for my locals!) When we pulled up, my dad was just leaving so the girls got to say hey to Pops for a bit.  Bonus!

While we were sitting eating our lunch, not one but TWO strangers – at completely different times – approached my table to tell me how well behaved my children were, and cute on top of that.  I’m serious.  These ladies weren’t even together either.  I was so shocked – then doubly shocked – I thought I was going to cry.  I thought about it the rest of the day and have concluded they must have been real true angels.  (Also, I didn’t even feel like my kids were being that exceptionally well behaved.  They weren’t unhappy, but not two-strangers-comment-on-it good.  So strange.  And also miraculous.)

Then we went to get gas when we noticed black billowing smoke nearby.  I told Brady, “that’s weird, I don’t even hear any sirens.”  When we left, I drove around the corner to where the smoke was coming from.  Nope, not a fire.  Just a funeral home cremating some good old fashioned human flesh.  I was thoroughly disturbed for the rest of the day, and especially now when I’m telling you guys about it.

When we got home, I thought I’d be a fun mom and let my 2 year old stay up from her nap, but then she kindly asked me if I could please put her to bed because she was “so tiiiiii-yud.” The exact opposite of what she says when I actually want to put her down for a nap.  So I did and she was out before I knew what was happening.  I got a little work done and some miracle was bestowed upon me and I got the motivation to tackle some home projects.  Pretty much, I finished unpacking our home decor after living here for more than half a year.  Awesome.  Glass half empty or half full, though?  I did it today and that’s all that matters. (right?)

This type of behavior always leads to me rearranging the house like a mad woman and further organizing things.  This is why I have a hard time getting motivation to do home projects.. it becomes all consuming and it’s absolutely the only thing I can think about.  It’s taking everything in me right now to not surf pinterest for new ideas.  Someone help me!

And whoopsie! I let Stella sleep WAY too long for her nap because I lost track of time creating a new gallery wall in my living room so I have spent the night putting her back to bed 1200 times.  It’s super magical.

My gallery wall is in no way finished and has just sparked up a laundry list of things I need to print or spray paint so hopefully I’ll have a “finished” picture up for your viewing pleasure soon.  For now, you’ll get the messy living room/first draft version.  Gallery walls are a constant work in progress, you know.


I have also been wrestling in my mind with the phenomenon of motherhood.  I mean, how are we seriously supposed to get it all done?  Is it really just a dirty trick?  There is currently a loaf of bread in my office for crying out loud!

Hopefully it’s not a trick and I really will find the hours in the day to finish my home, write my blog posts, edit my photos and be the best damn mother and wife I can possibly muster.  And also enjoy every last bit of it.

Here’s to trying!

xo, C