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So let’s get started on our February…

Lately I’ve had a lot of time to think.

We’ve been cooped up inside at home, lots of lounging around, lots of naps, lots of movies.  Some days I’ve felt happy, some days I’ve felt sad, some days I’ve felt tired and overwhelmed.  Our February so far has not been anything amazing.  No adventure, no big surprises, just a completely normal mundane (aside from the never-ending cough in our home) everyday stuff.  It’s made me realize that when my life gets too crazy with work or travel or obligations, this is the one thing I crave the most.  Just being home with my babies.  Just doing normal stuff like serving breakfast, playing candyland, and giving baths.  These seemingly simple things have come to fill my soul in ways I never knew possible.

The last few days I’ve had a heavy heart and a full head.  Despite being home doing the things I love most, sometimes I feel the pull to do more or rather, feel like I’m not doing enough.  Sometimes I struggle with anxiety or worry even when there’s not a lot to be anxious or worried about.  The other morning, on a particularly heavy morning, as we were listening to our morning k love I heard a beautiful thought, “I have learned that God not only delivers us from our struggles but through our struggles.” This spoke directly to my heart and I have run it through my head every day since.  It made me think of those times when your day seem a little heavier than you can hold.  I find peace and sweet grace in these moments at home with my girls.  I see blessings in a way I maybe hadn’t seen before, I see small miracles taking place right here in my home.  These are the days that the Lord delivers me through my struggles into a better place.  I am so grateful for that.

As it turns out, being stuck at home with no where to go has been exactly what we needed.  Both for the girls’ well being and my own.

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