Here’s the thing about motherhood, you just don’t realize how much you’re going to enjoy it.

How much you’ll love them.

How much you’ll like them.

You don’t realize how necessary they are in your life.

The thing about motherhood is those yummy, creamy cheeks.

How could I go a day without munching on those cheeks?

It’s about breakfast messes.

It’s about calming a tantrum.

It’s about inflicting giggles.

It’s about rocking to sleep.

It’s about wiping noses, socking toesies, and combing bed-head hair.

It’s about loud conversations.

And conversations where no words are necessary at all.

It’s about the patter of little feet down the hallway.

It’s about snack time.

It’s about loading, and unloading, loading, and unloading.

It’s about peaceful naps.

It’s about missing the noise.

It’s about missing the quiet.

The thing about motherhood is not realizing how necessary it is to have little helping hands everywhere you go.

A potty companion.

A middle-of-the-night pal.

An errand-helper.

A professional stirrer.

A question asker.

A show demander.

An idea haver.

Motherhood is about snuggly, freshly bathed babies.

It’s about jammied bums.

It’s about kisses goodnight.

It’s about night-time giggles and night time wiggles.

It’s about a full heart, and drained patience.

It’s about grace.

It’s about love.

So. Much. Love.

These two have my heart.