So, I sold my couch.

It was one of those days where I was pondering a happy, wholesome home.  In my constant efforts in creating a beautifully, happy, simple life I get to thinking about what really makes me happy.  I believe a home should be put together with things that make you happy.  We spend so much time at home and it’s such an important part of our lives.  Our homes need to make us happy.  Plain and simple.

As I was pondering this thought, I happened to walk past my living room and I decided my leather sectional just wasn’t quite making me happy.  I couldn’t arrange it any other way because of how my living room is laid out and it’s always bothered me in here.  Our sectional worked great for our last house, but in this house… it just seemed out of place.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but without taking a second thought, I snapped this picture and posted it onto our St. George area yard sale page on facebook:
The next day, our couch was sold.  Ta-Da!

Some of you may be thinking, didn’t you just get that couch?
Yes, we did.  We got it several months back after selling our first sofa set that we got as a wedding gift.  I loved the sectional while we had it in our old house, but in this house it just didn’t quite fit, and I have no adversity to selling something that doesn’t work for you and replacing it with something else that does.  Luckily I have a husband that I can say, “oh hey, I sold our couch” and he says “oh, cool. Now what are we getting?”

I’m a blessed woman.

So onto impromptu couch shopping we went.  I mentioned on Saturday that I had found about 6 couches I loved for different reasons.  I loved the couch at Urban because it was so cute and comfortable, I loved the Downeast couch because it was comfortable and easy to wash, I loved the Passport couch because I could choose which color to get it in.. on and on.  I just couldn’t decide!  Finally, the answer hit me.  Pinterest.

I take such pride in my Pinterest home boards.  In my spare time, that’s my favorite place to hang out.  I knew I would find the revelation I was looking for in the months I’ve spent collecting beautiful images in my Home Sweet Home board (my dream home) and my Home Design board (my realistic home).  Follow what your pinning is telling you, I heard in my heart.

I had photos of colorful couches,


And photos of grey couches,



And lots of photos of white couches,





So I knew what I liked, and I decided to sleep on it.  We didn’t need a new couch today, and lucky for us I’m a bit of a chair hoarder.  I brought all of our chairs into the living room and we had plenty of places to sit.  That should buy us some time for my decision process to come full circle.

Stay tuned for Part II.

xo, C