Today was a exceptionally happy Saturday.

It started with early morning snuggles from my babies.  I don’t know about you, but I love waking up to a bed full of the people I love most.

Then, while the girls played with Grammy, the Mr. and I headed couch shopping.  With two young kids, we don’t get a ton of quiet time, so we use little opportunities like grocery shopping, or in this case couch shopping as little dates.  It was fun running errands together and chatting about things we don’t normally have time to chat about.  Life, politics, you know.. the good stuff. 😉

More on the couch shopping to come.. right now I’m trying to narrow it down between.. oh, about six couches that I love all for different reasons.  Heaven help me!

Tonight I had a family session up in Cedar City and we decided to make an evening out of it.  For some reason, I love Cedar City.  It’s where I was born and my dad worked up there all my life it just gives me a homey feel.  Plus, I was able to wear a fall outfit without sweating my hiney off.  (it’s not quite fall here in the desert.) We headed up Cedar Canyon for my session which was unbelievably beautiful.. you’ll see it soon enough!

And while I was headed back to meet up with my family, I couldn’t help but feel the Lord’s sweet blessings in my life.  I pulled up to the park where my family was playing, waiting for my arrival.  They most gorgeous golden light enveloped them.  My baby was being pushed in the swing, her golden hair swaying to and fro with huge butterfly glasses she got sometime while I was gone.  Harlo was tugging on her daddy’s shirt to watch her go down the slide again.  My heart felt so full I thought it might burst.

Life is sweet.

xo, C