We’re not feeling too great today here at the Miller Manor.  Stella’s had a runny nose this week, Harlo has a case of “the bugs” (where she can’t help but bug everyone she’s around) and I’ve got an achy, tired body.. which may or may not be from the 3 hour shenanigans that took place at our house last night from about oh, 2:30am to 5:15am…

Anyway, I got myself pulled together, made myself shower, and slipped into Fashion Friday mode… I’ve got to say, it lifted my spirits a bit. (but I may or may not be back in my comfys now…)

The girls weren’t feeling up to it today, but Stella still wanted to be in the picture with me… so don’t mind me dolled up with my little raggamuffin sicky.. I still think she looks divine with her favorite (of the moment) dress and her wild scraggly hair.  Boo is always her best accessory.

The girls were, however, feeling quite fashionable this week, so here are a few goods from earlier this week.
Tunics and leggings?  I may have just died and gone to little girl heaven.

Hopefully a trip up to the cabin this weekend will be just what we need to clear out our immune systems!

xo, C