As some of you know, this last month we have moved from our first cozy little home.  It was definitely bittersweet leaving this place.  When we moved in we were a young couple with a new little baby.  Moving out, we’re a fully functioning family of four. (say that ten times fast!) All my babies firsts were in this house.  First smiles, foods, steps, and potties.  Stella even breathed her first breath in this house.

It took me a couple days of getting our new house to bring myself to start packing.  I’ve become very attached to things like this. I’m finding after having to my two girls I’ve become quite sentimental.

Before I touched a single thing, I decided one morning to photograph every single inch of my home.  Exactly how it was.  Imperfections and all.

I loved mornings in this home.  Where the natural light flows in from the back and my two scraggly little girls run around in half pajamas, half dress-ups.  Where my morning iced coffee awaits me and the days activities haven’t yet destroyed the place.

A few times since being in the new house, I’ve found myself flipping through these images of our old place.  How much detail we put into the home in almost 4 years.  How every inch of it was touched by us.

I’ll miss this place.  It will be in my heart forever.