Birth for me is more than just a session that I photograph, it’s more than an action or just another day on the job.  Birth is my take-your-breath-away-goose-bumps-knot-in-your-stomach-divine-calling-from-the-heavens passion.  I love birth.  I love giving birth, I love witnessing birth, I love talking about birth, and I absolutely treasure photographing birth.
To me, there is no other act on this world more beautiful.  There is nothing else that is more close to the Heavens above.  There is no greater or more divine calling in this universe.  For me to be able use my talents in a way that I can document a woman’s journey of bringing her new baby into the world is an absolute blessing to me.
It’s hard for me to describe, but luckily, I can show you what I mean. 🙂

Jessica is a dear friend of mine.  You have seen her grace this blog a few times, the most recent being her sweet maternity session.  Jessica is such a great mom, so sweet and affectionate to her boys and when she asked me to photograph her birth, I was absolutely elated.  She and Dallas have such a great connection and being able to witness that in such an intimate moment in their life was so amazing.

Thank you, Griffins, for having me!  Congrats on that sweet little man.
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