I have been so extremely blessed as a photographer.
I started using photography as my art form when my oldest daugher, Harlo was born.  Becoming a mother was nothing short of life-changing for me and naturally, I wanted to document every second of my new, rapidly changing, baby.  I got my hands on an old, used Canon Rebel Xti and started shooting away.  I was in absolute bliss.  I shot that poor camera into an early retirement.  A few months into my photography journey, I forced myself to learn to shoot manually and that was a huge leap into my skill level.  I had outgrown the capabilities of my beloved rebel and needed an upgrade.  I thought long and hard about what camera was going to be taking me to my next step and after I decided on my Canon 7D, I jumped right in.  I really started developing my style with my 7D.  It had many more capabilities than my Rebel and I became just so intrigued with everything about photography.  The 7D was a very trusty side-kick for quite some time, but it soon became aparent; with where I wanted to be as a photographer and as an artist, I needed a full frame.  I needed the 5D Mark II.  Bless that sweet husband of mine.  He’s a very good sport.

I have come such a long way from the beginning and I feel like I have an eternity to go.  I feel like you can never learn everything about photography which is a huge reason why it’s so appealing to me.  I love that the possibilities are endless!  So, here I am right in the cross roads of switching everything up, for the better.  I have a clear vision of what I want to capture and I’m so excited to start in on this new challenge. 

So, without further adieu, meet my new baby, the Canon 5D Mark II.

Oh, and my not-so-new baby.. The one and only, Miss Stella Johann.

How cute is this little mug?
xo- C