What I write mostly about here on this blog, are the things that make me happy.  I want to remember those things, so they get top billing on the pages of my documented life.

What has been such a blessing in this blog of mine – for myself – is that in trying seasons, it has forced me to scrape the bottom of the barrel sometimes to find the joy.  As I have written about happy things in tough times, I have seen those miracles in my own life.  Those tender mercies, that joy always, always, always can be found.

In the recent general conference, this talk was my favorite.  It spoke directly to me.

This past year, my heart has weighed heavy with issues that were beyond my control.  But as I prayed for my perspective to shift, and we started adjusting the focus of our lives, we were able to clearly see the happiness all around us again.  This is a lesson I will take with me for the rest of my life.  It’s so true that you can’t always adjust your circumstances, but you can ALWAYS adjust your focus.  And if God is at the center of your lives, and you listen and seek him, you will see His blessings all around.

Our issues haven’t magically disappeared, but the heaviness in my heart surely has, and I am so grateful.

I believe that happiness can always be found.  Maybe with that trip you’ve been dying to take.  That goal you’ve worked hard to reach.  The fulfillment you have from a job you love.  For me, happiness is always found in the form of a freshly tubbed baby.

I testify to you: As long as freshly tubbed babies exist, so then does happiness.

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(If I could link you to a freshly tubbed baby, you know I would!)