Last weekend we went to Mr. Miller’s family cabin.  It was just our little full family this trip.  It was a needed adventure.  We Millers get wiggly when we sit still for too long and crave adventure every now and again.

On our way home, even though we were treading into dangerous nap time territory, we stopped at a park we were both raised going to and that held a string of memories for both of us.  I always dream of taking my girls here and have known they would love it as much as I did.  We swung on the swings and looked at the mountains and flowers growing.  I told the girls stories of me and Auntie and how she had taught me how to pump my legs on these very swings at a family reunion one time.

We spotted a caterpillar which Stella promptly asked if she could catch.  She is so much like me when I was little.  I excitedly nodded to her and soon she had it a home made and named “her” Catty.  I enjoyed seeing my girls enjoy the most simple things in childhood, just exactly the same as I had not-so-many years ago.  When it was time to go, Stella begged me for 5 more minutes and told me she didn’t want to leave Catty, as if it were going to break her heart.  She is so much like me when I was little.


My love felt rich on the drive home.  Somehow, time has slipped by full of trials and triumph and has brought me here to this life with four little children who call me mama, and a husband I rely on to love me through it all.  Sometimes this reality sneaks up on me and takes my breath away.  The life I’ve always dreamed of having, I’m living now.