On Saturday my girls finished their last soccer game of their first season.  Mr. Miller, being the volunteer he is, coached Stella’s team this year.  Harlo had such a great coach for her team.  We loved watching our girls grow, stepping outside their comfort zone, and learning something new.

Even though it has been crazy busy at times, I have really loved entering into this new season.  These are the days you dream about before you become a parent.  It seems almost surreal for me that I have kids going to school during the week, playing soccer on the weekends, doing homework in the evenings, carpooling to practices, etc.  It’s a season I looked forward to as a new mom, and one that I hope I can always enjoy despite the crazy schedule to maintain.  THAT BEING SAID, having a new baby smack in the middle of our first soccer season… I wasn’t too sad to see it come to an end. 😉

I missed their last two games with a newborn in tow, and a sick toddler this Saturday, but my little warrior girls did great and brought their medals home proudly!  I’m so so grateful to the family and friends who went to the girls games, especially when I couldn’t be there.  I have surely learned by now that it does take a village, and we’re lucky to have a great one.

Until next season!