It’s hard to believe this sweet son of mine is already a whole month old.
Major has been a dream of a baby this far.
I have truly enjoyed every last drop of time we’ve had with him.
From the minute he came into this world, he was cool, calm, collected.
Goodness, I needed this boy in my life.
From the first night he was born, he has slept so well.
I feed him at 11 or 12 before I go to bed, he wakes up around 4 to eat and then again at 8 and snoozes until the late morning.
During the day he nurses every couple of hours.
He has only made a few little cries since he was born.
Today he screamed in the car for the first time ever, and we had never seen him so upset. (only crying for the one block before we got home)
So far nothing has ruffled his feathers too much.
Although he does hate cold wipes!
I teased while I was pregnant that I didn’t care if I had a boy or a girl, that I just wanted an easy one like Stella.
Boy did I get what I wished for… He is nice as pie and almost a spitting image of our sweet Stella Bean.
Not at all that I don’t love my spice girls, we could just use a little more sweet to even things out around here!)
Major is a growing boy! Pushing 11 lbs by now.
He is my fastest growing child.
He has big long feet (like his dad) and giant little paws for hands.  He reminds me of a great dane puppy.
This boy came out of the womb looking for milk.  He latched perfectly and has been such a great nurser.  He sure loves to eat!
He also reeeeally loves to poop.  I think he poops even more than he eats, if that’s possible.
Times I’ve been peed on : 5  Times I’ve been pooped on : 2
His eyes are already starting to brown up… He’ll be my tall, dark, and handsome boy.
Major smiled his first real smile for Daddy last week, and has given one to me a couple times since then.
He absolutely has two distinct dimples at each corner of his mouth.
Being a dimpled lady myself, I think I could just keel over and die over that one.
Although he’s an easy boy, we are starting to tell he is turning into a little mama’s boy, to which I am very pleased.
He loves the tub, and especially the running water over his head.
He loves hand massages just like his older sister, and he loooooves when I sing to him.  He is mesmerized the minute he hears me.
The other night, Mr. Miller was watching us in our nightly routine and said “He’s like in-love with you, huh.”
I have watched our daughters love their daddy with that same kind of love, and it made me smile to hear Brady is witnessing the same thing.
Maj sure likes his sisters already.  As soon as he hears them come into the room he is looking all around trying to find them.
He barely flinches at Grae’s screeches during the day, ha!
And I am happy to say that Grae has not skipped a single beat since he was born.  She loves him fiercely as I knew she would.
He has sure gone easy on us with the transition to four kids.  I swear we’ve barely noticed the change.
One thing is for sure, this boy truly made all my wildest dreams come true.
He is everything I never knew I wanted and so much more.
He is gentle and calm and so easy to love.
We have so enjoyed this month falling in love with our sweet boy.