This week has been a doozy! Adjusting to life after 2 weeks of time off, and a vacation is no easy task!  (What day is it? What time is it? Who are these people eating at my table??) Our week was made a little harder by Mr. Miller having a business trip and leaving me to man the fort.  I’m happy to say I got the girls to school on time and out the door by myself, but by the end of the day I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  And sleeping without a husband in bed? Forget about it!  I was sure glad to see him walk through my front door last night… and I wasn’t the only one, either!

This week I also rolled past 26 weeks in my pregnancy!  

I am still feeling really good as far as sickness goes.  I was just telling Brady last night how much easier this pregnancy has been from my last one.  I was still throwing up daily this time with Grae’s pregnancy.  I feel so grateful!
My only complaint is achy hips and a tough time sleeping!  I’m tired all day and can’t sleep at night.
Can’t believe I’m down to the final week and a half until my third trimester!
I have also completely filled my torso up.  I’ve got a head on my bladder and feet in my ribs constantly.  (As I type this my right rib is being poked by a tiny (strong) baby foot!)
The only place for this baby to go now is OUT.
I have gained 25ish lbs.. but you know me, I could care less about the weight gain as long as I’m feeling good! 😀
Every time I dress in front of Stella she checks my belly for more “ribbons” (stretch marks).  She’s been anxious for the baby to get his/her very own “ribbon” and not just the same old ones the other girls have claimed.  She was very happy when we found a new one on the front part of my belly.  Ha! I hope shes as excited for when she’s getting her own “ribbons” on her belly from pregnancy!
My husband still thinks I’m pretty cute. 😉
Speaking of Mr. Miller… it’s really a shame you can’t start on your fourth baby.  He has been such a champ this pregnancy.  We’ve finally worked out all the kinks, he knows what to expect and just how to love me through it.  Not all of my pregnancies have been this smooth, believe you me – but after four times, we have really learned a lot.  (I love you, B! Thanks for letting me have all your babies!)
The girls are holding strong to their boy/girl predictions/wishes.
Stella without a doubt thinks it’s a girl.
Harlo really wants a baby brother.
I used to think more boy, but I recently had a dream about a baby girl and now I’m leaning more towards girl on my guess.
Either way, it’s so fun keeping the guessing game up.
I love still discussing names for boys or girls and thinking of how the dynamic will be, either way.
I have yet to purchase or prepare a single thing for the baby. I have no idea what I should have for a surprise gender baby.  Luckily 5 of my friends are pregnant with me and all of them are having boys.  If I have a boy, they’ll hook me up with some newborn boy essentials until I can get my own! 😀
I’m starting to work on my relaxation techniques to prepare for labor.  Each night I’m stretching out my body and then doing a full body relaxation before I go to sleep.  My midwife says this will hopefully help me sleep, and also help me prepare for all that relaxing I’ll need during labor.
I’m really looking forward to birthing this baby in the calm of our own home.  Having Grae here was so exciting, but as we had just moved in 2 days before, it was so hectic.  I’m looking forward to more downtime.
I’m also hoping to prepare myself for a better recovery.  Recovery in new moms is something that is almost always overlooked in America, and it’s really too bad.
I’m hoping to stock my freezer with meals and really stay down as long as I can.  With having four kids, I know that once I’m back in the saddle, there’s no easing into it.
We’ll see! At least I wont be up unpacking and scheduling electricians the day after delivery like I was after Grae…
I’ve had a few little panic attacks wondering how I can handle four babies, but mostly I’m just so excited.
I know this baby will be such a blessing to our family, just as the other three have been.
Plus, reading THIS article has really helped calm my soul. 🙂
I’m not a perfect mother, but I do love these little souls so very much… and they all love each other.
This is one lucky baby to get the Miller crew to love them their whole life long. ♥