So, January is not my favorite.  In fact, if I had to choose my least favorite month, January would top the list.  The holiday cheer is over, the cold and dreary weather is still in full swing, there’s no fun holidays or birthdays in my family in January… January is like the Monday of the year, a month-long Monday.  I find myself in a bit of a funk every January.

This week I felt the need to speed things up, so on a busy Tuesday I called my girls to the kitchen to help me craft.  If there’s anything that puts a pep in my girl’s and my step, it’s crafting and creating.  So without basically any planning, I gathered some pink decorations (I was surprised by how easy it was to whip up some pink decor in my all-girl house) and we put together a little Valentine cheer in our favorite room of the house.  I’m usually not one to decorate much for small holidays, but I think I’m a v-day decor convert. 😉

I picked up the sparkly “V Day” and “&” sign in the target dollar spot.  The banners were also from Target’s party section, most I had lying around already that I’d used for something else.

My girls helped me hang each and every thing and are so proud of their handy work.  Stella asked if we could keep it up forever, and I don’t think that idea is half-bad. 😀

It definitely helped breath some new life into our dreary January house!  We really needed that.