I am finally into my second trimester.  Hallelujah! I think I hear a baptist choir singing somewhere.
This first trimester, much like all my other first trimesters, has been a very real struggle.
I have been SO terribly sick, and trying to still be a mother of three other human beings.
Weeks went by where I couldn’t stand up longer than to go potty and wash my hands before I had to lay back down again.
But now at 15 weeks, some of that is fading, thank goodness!
What I would do to feel better during my first trimester is everything possible.  Here are some things that I have tried:

  • Sea bands – didn’t see significant help.
  • Magnesium daily – may be helping? I’ll never know.
  • Zofran – didn’t help, caused major constipation, and safety is questionable.
  • Unisom and B6 – helped the most. (must be unisom tabs and not gel capsules, FYI)
  • Taking B6 three times a day instead of just once – helped.
  • Taking beano with every single meal – really helped! I had been getting sick after every time I ate, and once I took Beano, I was no longer sick.
  • Taking pepcid for heartburn – helped.
  • Praying non stop that I would make it through the day – I think helped (I’m here to tell the tale)
  • Drinking a small coke to settle my stomach after meals – helped (even though coke sounds horrible to me during early pregnancy.)
(**Disclaimer** These are things I have tried during my pregnancy under the care of my family physician and midwife.  I am not a medical professional and do not consider this medical advice in any way.)

Basically, surviving is all I can do,  and I am so happy to say that I am feeling so much better since week 14 rolled around.  Still some nausea here and there, but nothing compared to what it was.  I also have only had two migraines this pregnancy so far, which is a huge difference from Grae’s pregnancy.  I’ll continue to pray I wont be plagued with those this time like I was with hers. (I wouldn’t wish those on my worst enemy!)
We have decided not to find out what we’re having this time and keep it a surprise!
I keep saying we’re not “planning” on finding out, because I’m worried I’ll cave under pressure, but that’s the plan for now.
We are so beyond excited for this baby.  I think the most excited we’ve been about a baby yet – but I’m sure I’ve felt like this each time. 🙂
The girls are so thrilled to be having another baby and we are constantly talking about names for boys and girls. So fun.
I seem to show pregnancy earlier than anyone I know.  By 10 weeks, there’s no way I could hide my belly.  It just shoots right out and this time even earlier than the rest.
I have gained a swift 15 lbs in 15 weeks, as per usual. 😉 Hopefully my second trimester will slow it down.  (maybe I should stop eating cheeseburgers on the daily – oops!)
I have also run into the rut of not really being ready for full maternity clothes yet, but not being able to fit in basically anything I own.  I am rotating through the only 4 options I have.
Besides feeling sick, the worst part of this pregnancy has just been not keeping up on things like I normally do.  I’m tired of having a messy house! I’m tired of eating out! I’m tired of being tired all the time!
Lighter days have come though and I’ve cooked a few meals and run some errands for the family.  It’s small things, but it makes me feel like me again.
But tough days or not, I am so excited to be having this baby.  I am so excited it has chosen us to be it’s family.  We’re a pretty good one. 😉

Thank you all for sending so much love on here and instagram about the news! Makes this journey just that much sweeter to be able to share it.