This morning I woke bright and early while the rest of my house was sleeping to head to the grocery store because it was Apple Day at school, and I forgot to pick up any apples the day before.

I rolled out of my cozy bed and peeked in on all my sleeping lovies through the house.  My heart felt warm and cozy.  I slipped out to see the beautiful sunrise on an (almost) crisp morning.  I strolled through the quiet grocery store and thought a lot about where my life is today.  What a blessing.

I got the apples, and some donuts too.

I arrived home to lots of bedhead – my favorite.  I sliced the apples, and added some extra for a mother who may have forgotten (it was almost me, and I would have appreciated the help!).  I tucked homework packets in folders and apples in baggies and lunches in back packs.  I did quick pony tails and helped buckle shoes and half-way-ran to the bus before we they missed it.

This season of life is so simple, but so fulfilling.  Even slicing apples brings me joy.  What a blessing.