You may know a lot about me.  Like I love diet coke with lemon (except when I’m pregnant) and freshly bathed babies make me weak in the knees, and cooking is my favorite “chore” but not even at all laundry… You know these things about me.

But I realized you may not know a lot about that man we call Mr. Miller.  Like, for instance, I don’t just call him Mr. Miller on my blog.  That’s what he is in my phone and that’s what I’ve called him since the day we said “I do”.  Did you know that?  Sometimes it’s “Mr. Miller”, and mostly it’s shortened to “Mill” and if I’m feeling extra sweet I’ll call him Darling, or Lover, or Babe.  And if I’m feeling spicy, I call him “MILLER” and when I’m really spicy, you’ll hear me mutter “Brady” and that’s when you know to clear the room. 😉

So, glad we cleared that up.  But about that Mister of mine.   Here are 10 things you may not know:

  1. Mr. Miller is hilarious in a very unconventional way.  You either get his humor, or you don’t.  And if you’re very lucky, you are the kind that gets his humor and you understand the pure hilariousness I live with on the daily.  Not a day goes by that I don’t laugh my guts out at Mr. Miller.
  2. Mr. Miller believes he is allergic to aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener (found in diet coke).  Further, Mr. Miller honestly pronounces “Ass-per-tame” as “ass-par-tuh-me”.  See #1 for details.
  3. Mr. Miller wishes he could cook, but alas, he cannot. If you love soggy noodles, ask him to whip you up some Ramen. 😉 (just kidding honey, that only happens 90% of the time.)
  4. Mr. Miller has changed the first diapers of all of our children, and I would say has probably changed more diapers than I have.  He is a wonderful father and husband in that way and many more.
  5. Mr. Miller is an Eagle Scout.  When we travel to the cabin, we see Mountain Man Miller come out.  There is not a lot that man can’t do.  Except cook.  See #3 for details.
  6. Mr. Miller is an actual computer genius.  Like you’ve probably never seen before.  He has never met a piece of technology he couldn’t tackle.
  7. Mr. Miller provides for our family through his very own business, Lifeguard Computers located in St. George, UT.  Do you have a computer problem? Do you love putting food on the table for darling little girls? Support Lifeguard! 😉
  8. Mr. Miller serves as the young men’s president in our church, which basically means we have a bunch of adopted teenage sons to care for and love and spend time with two times a week.  He loves the boys, and they love him.
  9. Mr. Miller loves stormy weather.  Especially rainy summer monsoons with thunder and lightening.
  10. Mr. Miller is the best birth coach you could have.  I would let you borrow him, but that might be awkward.  I especially love when he finds out one of his friends are expecting and he says to them, “Have you thought about home birth or natural birth? Be sure to check out the Bradley Method.” Swoon!

He’s also very cute and makes the most darling baby girls.  Of course, you already knew that. 😉