I recovered from the stomach virus just in time to spend the weekend at the Harris family reunion on Pine Valley Mountain.  I am convinced that Pine Valley is the most beautiful, peaceful place on earth.  Plus, any time with Mr. Miller’s extended family is my idea of a good time.  There is always delicious food to be had, always someone who wants to hold your baby, always cousins for the little ones to run around with.  Some might argue that I married Brady for his family.. and to that I say, it’s just a bonus he’s a pretty decent guy himself. 😉

While the Aunties and Nana passed off Grae to one another, and the big girls ran around getting filthy dirty with all their cousins, I sat and watched Mr. Miller play horseshoes and bean bag toss.  Sometimes I’d mosey over for some scrabble or to rock another one’s baby to sleep.  Heaven in my eyes.  We love the Harris Reunion.  When I took Harlo for a potty break at one point, she said “Mountains and cousins are the best, mom.” I totally agree, my sweet girl.  Totally agree.