Sometimes I take unintentional blog breaks.  These have become a necessary breath of fresh air, I think.  Any good blogger will tell you that sometimes you just need a breather.  I guess I  have needed one in the last two weeks!

Here are five things to catch up on:

  1. Mr. Miller showed up on my doorstep with a new iMac a couple weeks ago (hence the beginning of the blog break).  I was excited to see what all the fuss was about, until I started using it and I felt like someone had chopped my right arm off.  I was miserable!  Turns out I’m a PC girl through and through.  Teaching myself photoshop, wordpress, etc. once in my life was enough, thank you very much.  So, it’s not always true that once you go Mac you never go back.  I went Mac for two weeks and I came running back! hashtag : PC for life.
  2. School life is a busy life.  Lunches, outfits, hairdos, bus stop, bus stop, bus stop, homework, reading, signatures, paperwork, paperwork, bedtime, repeat. I’m tired just thinking of it.
  3. Grae is a perpetual mama’s girl.  She has to sit on me, not by me.  If I’m up, I have to be holding her, not standing by her.  When I walk into another room, it better only be to fetch her a snack.
  4. Construction on the Miller playhouse (name ideas?) has nearly come to a close.  Just a few little things to alter, some paint and she’ll be open for business! So exciting!
  5. Seems that fall has officially found us this week.  I drove the kids to school without my air conditioning on for the first time yesterday. Yahoo!

And that about catches you up on what is going on here for the last two weeks.  Not a whole lot, but somehow by the end of each day I feel like I need to be carried to bed. (Thanks Mr. Miller!)  Remember when surviving was my goal for 2015? I think that was the perfect goal for me this year.

Hopefully this is the end of the blog break.  Fingers crossed!