This weekend was a good one.  We were supposed to spend it in California, but our Little Millies took turns being sick instead.  Luckily by Saturday, everyone was clear and feeling well and we decided to have a great weekend anyway!  We enjoyed a fabulous birthday brunch for a sweet three year old – also named Stella – and headed to the pool to celebrate the first 100 degrees of the year! 

Things that happened at the pool:
New friends are made
Grae loves putting her FACE in the water.
Stella jumps off the diving board solo (What a woman!)
Harlo swims without floaties with no problem. (What a woman!)
I get a minute of sun (which turns into a raging sunburn – dang my hormonal mama skin!)
Mr. Miller looks mighty fine surrounded by our three darling babes swimming in the water.  Swoon!

After the pool, we had a load of melting down ladies (myself included) which we quickly fed sandwiches and laid them down for naps (myself included).
After a wonderful quiet two hour nap, I got my hands busy making a shopping list and headed to the store.  Brady sent me these texts while shopping:

Since Grae quit nursing, she suddenly prefers daddy over me – just like the others! It’s nice to feel loved…. even if that meant she actually had a 102 fever upon my arrival.  I’ll take what I can get these days.

So Grae’s neediness put a damper on my dinner prep plans and I served watermelon, chips and guacamole and avocados out of the peel for supper and put my little sickling to bed early.  In this whirlwind of an evening, I felt such a confirmation in my soul that I was exactly where I was supposed to be in my life.  I love having a busy family and experiencing the highs and lows of this life together.  I love that each day as a mother has highs and lows that are apparent and beautiful.

I love that counting my blessings seems like an endless task.