We’ll continue on the week of Mr. Miller.  Fathers day and anniversary in the same week (sometimes even on the same day!?) It’s a lot to be celebrated.

Here are some things you may not know about the father side of Mr. Miller:

1. Every single night he reads the girls bedtime stories and leads us in family prayers.

2. Every single morning (almost) he feeds at least 2/3 of the children breakfast.

3. Every single day, he checks on us for lunch and usually eats along side of us.

4. Every single day, he brings his adoring (usually exhausted) wife a beverage of her choice while he is out and about at work.

5. Every single day, he makes us laugh and laugh and laugh.

Mr. Miller does laundry, dishes, nearly any house project my imagination can muster, has unlimited amounts of patience, and serves faithfully in our church.  He is sweet and sensitive and loves being a father to girls (and is an EXCEPTIONAL one, in my humble opinion).  He loves me in the most unconditional way I’ve ever been loved, and that extends to our three darling daughters.  Mr. Miller teases that he would be done having babies, but he believes that sort of decision is up to the woman of his household (and the woman of his household is sort of a baby addict).  He delights in the personalities of his children, he enjoys them in a way that no other person could.  He has a seriously tender heart for the ladies in his life.  He rarely gets after them for anything, and when/if he does, he always feels guilty about it after they’ve gone to bed.  Our little Millies adore the living daylights out of their Daddy.  They believe they are the luckiest girls alive to have him (and they are!).  He works hard to provide for his family so his little old wife can stay at home and write stories on her blog *wink*.  He delights in me being a mother, which might just be the best quality of all.  

Mr. Miller has a strong faith that blesses our family in so many ways.  Especially me who needs a strong shoulder to lean on, a lot of the time.  Growing up, I never dreamed of marrying a man as wonderful as Brady because I simply didn’t know they existed.  So glad I found him, and SO glad I had these sweet babies with him.

I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day, darling.