Sometimes I struggle with anxiety and being stressed.  Whether I’m offended about something someone said, or heard something that made me feel hurt, or I’m worried about something that may or may not happen in the future.  This weekend, for some reason I have been riddled with stress and anxiety about all sorts of things.  I spent a lot of my time thinking of how others should act differently, but yesterday in church I got an answer to my prayer.  And it wasn’t about fixing other people.  It was about fixing myself.

During Sunday school, I thought of these things:

Am I being a good wife and mother to my children?
Am I putting God and my family before anything else? (ie: not wasting my energy worrying about small things)
Am I acting in a loving and accepting way that would please Christ?

If I am doing all of these things, I don’t have a single thing to worry about.  After that, my day turned right around.  I am looking forward to starting a new week with a happier heart.

(darling photos by Miss Harlo)

Have a happy week!