Yesterday was a doozy.  It was jam packed and filled with stressful things (like shots for two out of three of the Miller ladies).  I cried 3 different times.  Which for me is basically my year’s worth of crying.  I cried when Grae got shots (I always do) and I cried the whole way home from the doctor.  I cried as I sat with a very inspired man from my church as we had a wonderful and deep conversation.  Then at night time, I cried myself to sleep.  Some nights are like that as a mom.

I woke up this morning and felt better already.  I love that about mornings – clean slate.  I love me a clean slate.

Today was so much better.  It was still busy.  I registered my darling Stella for kindergarten, and took Grae to the doctor (for the third time this week – long story).  I almost felt like crying out of relief at this doctor’s appointment and all day long I offered up prayers of thanks for our darling pediatrician and the love he extends to my precious girls.  On the way to dance class with the girls, I apologized for being so ornery and snappy the last couple of days.  Harlo said “It’s okay mom, I don’t even really care.” and Stella piped in “Yeah, mom.  We love you anyway all the time.” I love my girls so much.  We all made a promise to do better and talk sweeter and have a happier heart.

After that was date night.  I put on fancy shoes (date night seems better in fancy shoes) and I talked and talked and talked the whole entire time.  Mr. Miller is always so sweet to let me do 98% of the talking.

Right now Mr. Miller is snoring away in the girl’s bed (he does this sometimes) and it’s so precious going in there and seeing them all snuggled close on their full size bed that I can’t even bare wake him.

Some weeks are so trying, but if I look very closely I see so many blessings.  So much light to chase out the dark.  I am so grateful for that!