Today I took the oldest Millies to the dentist.

The dentist gives me horrid anxiety.. probably because I have spent my fair share of hours in that chair.

Anyway, each time I go, I’m always positive they’re going to have to pull all my teeth and give me dentures.  In reality, I haven’t had a cavity since 1998, which should keep me comforted each 6 months (okay a year..) when I go to the dentist, but alas, I still make myself sick with worry.  This is one of my quirky traits that I have to put up with, along with my husband, and now you do too since you know.  I’m an obsesser.  (But I believe the first step is admittance.)

So, because I am me, I have put off my girl’s dentist appointments for two years or so and it was time to take them in.  I noticed a little “hole” in Stella’s front tooth if you look very closely – it could be a rough edge, or of course because I am me, I have made it out to be certain she would need a root canal.  Will we put her under? Will we use laughing gas?  What will we do?? These are the questions I have asked myself for the last several weeks of having the appointment scheduled.

We went in, had the “pictures of our bones” taken and the teeth cleaned.  I was riddled with anxiety, but was sure to cover it up.  I do NOT want my girls to inherit my anxiety – and definitely not for the dentist.  To my surprise and amazement, both girls did miraculously well (thanks to the gracious staff at Johnsons Pediatric Dentistry) and then the dentist came in.. he was none other than a dad of one of Stella’s preschool peers.  Phew! We had thought he was going to be a scary guy, but turns out he was just a regular old dad!



After thoroughly examining both girls’ teeth, he gave us a 100% clean bill.  “Not even that little hole in Stella’s front tooth?” I asked. Nope, just a very very slight chip.  He even said Stella’s teeth were perfect aligned, which I said “That is great! Because she sucks her fingers!” I admitted.  “Hm.. how often?” “Ooooh… not that often!” I lied (only about 36 times a day or so).  He told me she would grow out of it and that the suckie fingers were causing absolutely zero damage. (Hooray! The suckies can stay!) We were very thrilled about that.

So we walked out of the dentist with a little pep in our step – celebrated promptly with a treat.  I guess my obsession with sugar in-take has not been in vain.  Apparently, fruit snacks are the enemy.  You heard it here first. 😉

Time to start obsessing about the next trip I guess! 😛