On Sundays, the Miller ladies and I wait for a long day of church meetings to give us our favorite guy back.  It’s a time I dreaded when Brady first got called into the Bishopric at our church, but it has become such a sweet gift to me.  It’s a challenge to get my girls and myself dressed and out the door by 9, but every week we are provided with blessings to help us get there, whether in the form of grandmas, neighbors, or good luck.  We have become fond of those couple of hours of girl time before Brady gets home after we’ve finished church.

I am enjoying this stage of motherhood very much.  My girls are getting so much older and more interactive.  They’re growing up and I’m seeing the charm in that.  They are my favorite little friends, and they are good ones!  They’re honest and loving and funny in all the right ways.  They’ve both recently started showing interest in taking pictures, which makes my heart swell.  This last Sunday I let them try out my big camera and my goodness, these will be treasures for me.

Sometimes I don’t have time to wash my hair in the morning, sometimes Grae is missing her bloomers under her dress, and sometimes the girls refuse to wear the dresses I wanted them to wear, to wear their favorite spring dress from Grandma.  These pictures are so very us, on a Sunday afternoon.