It’s almost impossible to think that six months has gone by since I delivered this perfect little angel baby.
She is 13 lbs 5 oz (7th percentile) and 26 inches long (79th percentile).
Her six month appointment went well.  Her heart murmur is still there and we will be getting it checked by a doctor at primary childrens hospital in the next few weeks.  At this point, they’re not worried as much as they want to know more about the murmur and exactly what it is we’re keeping an eye on.  I feel really good about it, though.  I’m not all that stressed.
She is considered a “heart baby” and even though she’s small for her age, for a heart baby she is doing really well.
I mentioned I still hadn’t fed her solids and Dr. M was very surprised that she was still gaining, so that is wonderful news – especially for my ol’ skim milk producers!
She has definitely been my best best nurser, and I’ve had a great milk supply this time, albeit lacking a little on the creamy side. (I plan to write more about my nursing journey soon.)
As the months tick by, I remember how much I enjoy every stage of babyhood.
On instagram this week I wrote that the baby stage is one of my favorite seasons of life – and I mean that from my heart.
I enjoy having a baby in my home oh so much!  Especially this little Golden girl.
Grae is such a blessing to us!
She is so loved and loves us well in return.
She is such a mama’s girl, and she just melts me into a puddle.
If she can see me, she is definitely fussing to get into my arms.
I sometimes have to laugh at the perspective I have now my third time around.  With Harlo so much wound me up, worried me, stressed me out.  With Grae there is this calmness about me, very little ruffles my feathers.  I soak every ounce of it up because I know before I even know it she will be headed off to Kindergarten.
If you can spoil a baby, Grae is spoiled.
She enjoys life mostly when I’m holding her, so holding her I do.  Almost all the time.
She has been in our room until this week!  She has always started out in her cradle and then moves to our bed in the night (go ahead and judge me).  I started realizing that she was waking up earlier and earlier and we were being more and more careful with her in our room.  I knew the time had come that I had to move her CLEAR across the hall from our bedroom.
She is still adjusting for sure, but she has done really well in her own bed.  She still comes in half way through the night and I honestly don’t mind a single bit.  And I must say it’s like a little vacation having our room to ourselves again at night.  We can watch TV and talk and laugh as loud as we want. 🙂 It was definitely the right time for all of us.
I can’t make myself let her cry it out, so I feed her and rock her in my arms before I lay her down in bed.  Most the time she wakes up and I have to repeat the process, but I’m going to roll with it for now.
She now says “Hi!” “mama” “Baba” and “Da!” (learned in that order)
At first she couldn’t get her voice out to mama and just smacks her lips together mouthing mama.. holy heart melter.  Most of the time now she says “mama”, but every once in a while I get little lip smack when I walk into a room. 🙂
She’s definitely a smart little cookie!
She rarely stops smiling, but sure makes us work for those giggles.
Today she tooted and then let out a big belly-laugh.  She is definitely her father’s daughter. 😉
She fake-coughs all the time and if I’m having a conversation with someone and laugh, she will almost always let out a fake laugh as well.
Ha! Little funny girl!

Another trick she has these days is an exciting one….

Sitting up!
The big girls think this is the best trick yet.
Everyone who comes to our house they immediately want them to see how Grae can sit up “like a big girl!”.
She doesn’t mind the attention one single bit.

She is a pretty flexible schedule baby – as she has to be due to her sister’s busy school and dance schedules – poor thing.
She wakes up at 8, usually goes back down after Stella’s gone to school at 10 for a little cat nap.  On lucky days, she takes a long afternoon snooze after Stella gets home.  Sometimes it’s a couple of hours, but usually it’s more like 30 minutes and sometimes lately it’s like 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Oi vey!
She usually takes a cat nap around 5-6 and then is begging to go to bed around 7:30.  Aside from waking up the once to eat, she really sleeps like a dream at night.
And she’s so damn cute, which makes her 5 minute napping days a little easier to digest…

 And I think it’s officially safe to say the eyes are here to stay.  Crystal blue? I mean….

This baby is head to toe deliciousness.
D-to the-E-to the-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.

We’ve been blessed beyond measure with this little blue eyed cherub.