My sweet little Grae Bell is 3 months old!
She weighs 11 lbs on the dot.
She is still in size 1 diapers.. size 2 drown her (even though I bought them thinking they would totally fit now – oops!)
She is wearing 0-3 still, but I’ve started to put her in 3-6.  She seems to be long so even though 3-6 is quite baggy, it fits her length wise.
She has turned into such a sweet, smiley little thing.
Her tummy sensitivity seems to be getting a little better.
I have eaten a cheeseburger with no complaints from her, but don’t dare try my beloved cafe rio salad. The sacrifices we make!
She rolls over right and left from her tummy.  Her big sisters think she should be an olympic athlete with that feat!
She is still just a scrawny little thing, but she is starting to work on a little chub roll on her thighs, along with a pretty delicious double chin. She will give open-mouth kisses (mostly to mama).
She is winning our hearts over more and more every single day.
She is sleeping pretty well.
She begs to go to bed at around 8:30 every night and sleeps in her cradle until about 1-3 and then gets in bed with me and nurses off and on til morning.
She has started taking naps in her crib and she is doing well.  I am almost ready to move her in there at night but every night rolls around and I decide she’s still too young. 😉
She is a busy little wiggle worm.
If she is awake (and even in her sleep) she is constantly moving and kicking. She has suddenly gotten so sweet and nice.
For quite some time she wouldn’t tolerate anyone holding her for more than 5 seconds but she has gotten much better the last week or two.
She is so super smiley and will reward you with a grin anytime you even look her way.
Her eyes are so so blue and SEEM like they’ll stay that way.
This is my first experience with a blue-eyed baby, but I really can’t imagine them changing with how piercing blue they are.
People comment on them every single time we leave the house. She has a little strawberry (hemangioma) on her right ring finger.
It is so cute and looks like a little ruby ring.  We say she brought her jewels from heaven.
People comment on it all the time, “what happened?!” they gasp.  It’s a little annoying to constantly be explaining to every single person, but what can we do?  I know at first glance it looks like a little scrape.
We love it though, it’s just one of her sweet little characteristics.
(Even though it will likely disappear on it’s own, unlike a birth mark.) Grae has acquired quite the slew of nick-names, Grae Bell, Gigi, G-Baby, Graby Baby, G, chicken nugget.
My favorite is when the girls call her one of them.
Stella calls her a different name everyday – usually a different disney princess. The first week we went back to church after she was born people came up to me saying “Her name is Elsa?” and I quickly corrected that no, her name was Grae.  A few minutes later I overheard someone asking Stella what her new baby sister’s name was and she said, “Elsa.” ha! Got all the sweet ladies in our ward a little confused.
I’m sure some people still think we have little Elsa Miller over here.
Yesterday Stella demanded we call her “Pascal” all day. (Rapunzel’s trusty chameleon side-kick) Every time I fed her, “Oh mom, are you’re feeding Pascal?” haha.
She is much better in the car, but some how knows if I am not driving and will cry and cry until I sit in the back with her.  It’s the weirdest thing because she rarely cries when I’m driving the kids around by myself.  She doesn’t even have to be touching me, as long as I’m in the back she is 100% fine.  Such a little mama’s girl!
She truly is such a mama’s girl.  By far my biggest mama’s babe out of the 3.
It’s so magical to be loved so much! 🙂
Grae is such a blessing to our home.
She brings such a sweet spirit with her.
We are all completely smitten.