Headwrap : Native thread | romper : Old Navy (Harlo’s hand-me-down)

Miss Grae celebrated her 2nd month of life while we were in California.
She weighed 9 lbs 8 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long at her 2 month appointment last week.
She is in size 1 diapers and in 0-3 clothes.  Newborn stuff mostly still fits her, but she’s getting a little long for it.
She checked out perfectly at the doctor, growth right on track.
She has a little cherry hemangioma on her right ring finger and it is so cute and looks like a little ruby ring.  It will most likely dissolve on it’s own as she grows but it sure is cute.  We say she brought her own jewels from Heaven.  She also has one on her right calf and shoulder blade.
The doctor also noticed a little heart murmur at our appointment.  He said it wasn’t the kind to be worried about and we’ll keep an eye on it and go from there.
She rarely gets put down, but has rolled from her tummy to her back the first time every with tummy time, just like my other girls.  She also holds her head up like a champ.
Her eyelashes seem to be getting longer by the day.  They are gorgeous!
I keep wondering if she’ll be keeping some hair on her little head or if she’ll lose it all.
If you look at the very roots of her hair though, it’s coming in blonde. 🙂
She has taken an acute liking to Harlo.  It melts my ever-loving heart.  She’ll let her hold her for longer than anyone else.
Harlo is the only other person that can usually calm her down from a fussy fit.
She has gotten so super smiley this month!
Harlo can get her to smile any time or day without fail.
Sometimes when I look down at her while she’s nursing she smiles so big at me and loses her latch. (This is my reason for existence, I swear!)
The nick-names have started piling on.. Grae Bell, Graeby-Baby, Gigi, Miss G.
She has started cooing and gooing the last couple weeks.
She thinks this is super fancy!
She loves to be worn.  I have her in my sling about 12 hours a day.
Her longest naps of the day are held closely to my body.
She doesn’t stay asleep for longer than a few minutes when I put her down, usually.
I actually don’t mind this at all.  I love holding her and having her close and I can get anything done with her in my sling so we’re both happy with this.
The good news is she’ll sleep anywhere we are as long as she can be held by me.
I have a sakura bloom ring sling that we both favor the most and wear the most.  I also have an ergo that I am starting to get the hang of and think I’ll really like as she gets bigger.  We also got a solly baby wrap and I really like it for when I need to wear her for longer periods of time.  After a few hours my shoulder gets a little tired in the ring sling so the solly wrap is the perfect counterpart.
We spent the entire week in California, on the go every day and I never got my stroller out one time.  I wore her everywhere and it was great.
She gets tired around 8-9pm.  She’ll fall asleep in her cradle and stay asleep until usually 3 or 4am.  She then gets in bed with me and sleeps until 8 or 9.  She has been my first semi-co-sleeper and I am quickly falling in love with it.  

She has gotten pretty choosy about who she’ll let hold her.
She is definitely my most mama’s girl at this point, but she’s getting a little better with tolerating Daddy for a while. 😀
I can tell she isn’t fond of big groups of people, she always seems to get fussy in a house full of people.
Before we went to my sister’s house in California, I warned her that Grae might not be as nice with her.  To my utter surprise, she loved auntie and didn’t so much as make a fuss with her the entire time.
It was like she knew exactly who she was, even though she had only met her once at a week old.  It was SOOO sweet!
She has a sensitive little tummy.  She gets irritated when I eat Chipotle, cheese burgers and especially Cafe Rio Salad. (Of course they’re all of my very most favorite things..)
I think it’s officially the cafe rio dressing.  I have tried other things on their menu and she was been totally okay with it.  I had even eaten a little dressing with things and she was fine.  The other day I got a burrito and ate it with more dressing than usual and boy did I pay for it that night.  She screamed and screamed, poor little thing.  She finally passed out on my shoulder that night and was fine through the night and the next day.  I felt so bad, but I’m glad to know exactly what I need to avoid.  The weird thing is I can eat spicier things and she’s fine.  I’m not sure exactly what is in that specific dressing that does it.  This will be a looong year without my Cafe Rio salad though. 😉
Her eyes still look very blue.  People comment on the daily how blue her eyes are, but I still am not convinced they’re staying.  Some days they look more grey/muddy just like my other girls had.  Yesterday out in the sun the light was right in her eyes and you could see some brownish/green in there.  It will be interesting to see how/if they change. (Although I have a whole blue-eyed side to the family keeping their fingers crossed for blue!)

Having a baby for the third time is so magical.  I have really calmed down and feel so relaxed and at home with myself with a new baby.  The first time you go in totally blindly, the second time you’re more familiar and the third time feels like you’re an old pro.
Not too much gets my feathers ruffled this time around.
It’s also so much fun to share her with her sisters.  They enjoy her so much.  It feels so good to know your baby is so loved.

All in all, we are in complete baby bliss over here.
Our daughters are happy and healthy, our home is filled with love.
We honestly couldn’t ask for a single thing more.
We’re so happy she chose us.